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Brazil: The project to keep 200 years of history alive

Museu Nacional before and after September 2nd.

In an effort to salvage part of Brazil’s history, a group of students from UNIRIO University are asking the public for videos, drawings, and even selfies, with the collections lost in the blaze that destroyed Brazil’s Museu Nacional, UFRJ on September 2nd.

Through their support, Wikimedia Commons and Museofilia have created great momentum for this project. Within the first week after the fire, the students had received around 6,000 emails. According to O Globo, various departments of UNIRIO and outside organizations have been helping the students organize all the submissions.

So why is this such an important initiative?

The Museu Nacional, UFRJ was 200 years old with collections of over 20 million pieces of art. As described in Museofilia’s Facebook page. “[The Museum] was recognized for keeping an invaluable collection of archaeological pieces from various civilizations in Europe, America and Africa, […]”.

The loss is too big to ignore, so kudos for these students taking action trying to keep these collections alive. The greatest digital exhibit seems to be in the works, people, and we get to be a part of it. Have any selfies or good pictures of the Museu Nacional that could work for our fellow Latinos? If so, there are three ways to contribute:

1) Send them to thg.museo@gmail.com; lusantosmuseo@gmail.com; isabeladfrreitas@gmail.com;
2) Upload them to the museum’s platform here
3) Upload them to Wikimedia Commons under Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro 

Stay tuned for the final project! In the meantime, follow their hashtags for local updates: #MuseosUnidos #MuseologíaUNIRIO #342MuseuNacional #Museufaz200 #MuseuNacionalVive.



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