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Beatles Fans Gather at Abbey Road for Album’s 50th Anniversary

Napoli, turntables with the Beatles vinyls in the background. 03/11/2018 - Image

The Beatles Fans are coming, the Beatles Fans are coming!

Fans across the world are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road this week in London’s St. John’s Wood. The British rock band sensation first released the iconic cover into the world in 1969 and has captured the hearts (and ears) of millions, solidifying itself as one of music lovers’ all-time favorites.

Crowds have traveled miles to experience the famous crosswalk, even if that meant disrupting the traffic. Musicians gathered around the street playing and singing the band’s best hits while entire block floods with Beatle-mania.

Paul McCartney celebrates the special milestone with this post on Instagram:

A few weeks before the album’s 49th anniversary last year, he had also made a brief appearance on the crosswalk before making his way to Abbey Road Studios for a scheduled performance:

Which Beatles song have you been playing on the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road? Let us know in the comment section below!

Vivian Wang

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