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Articles of Impeachment Pass To The House

Washington DC / USA - July 26 2019: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a press conference

After two days of bipartisan debate, the House Judiciary Committee passed both Articles of Impeachment brought up against President Trump. The 14-hour ordeal left both parties at odds with one another over the logistics of the charges.

The amendments and proceedings proposed took such an extended turn that Chairman Jerry Nadler postponed the milestone vote to the following morning. At 10 am Friday, the articles passed with a majority of 23 in favor of proceeding with 17 against. 

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

The articles will now move to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives for the next vote. There has been no official date for the vote set, but it is expected to take place next week before the holiday. When asked if she would be lobbying Moderate Democrats in the House, Nancy Pelosi said

“People have to come to their own conclusions.”

The articles are projected by Republicans and Democrats alike to pass through the House with little issue.

Here’s where things get hairy. All parties, as well as the Trump administration, are focused on the impending Senate vote. Though the Senate is Republican-controlled, with dissent among the ranks, the vote could go either way. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is swarming in preparation for the final vote while the rest of us wait in anticipation.

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