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AMLO Asks the Pope and Spain to Apologize

AMLO, Pope Francis and Felipe VI of Spain

By now you’ve probably heard of the Mexico-Spain apology ordeal.

What happened?

Yesterday, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, announced that he had sent a letter to the king of Spain and the Pope asking them to apologize for the violent way Spain conquered Mexico 500 years ago.

Ok, so are they apologizing?

There is still no official response from the Vatican to AMLO’s latest request, but three years ago, Pope Francis apologized to Mexico’s indigenous community during his visit in Mexico.

Spain, on the other hand, firmly rejected the request saying it was very unfortunate that the letter was even sent in the first place. The Spanish government published a statement evaluating such acts in a historical context basically saying how things were very different back then and finished with this, “Our brotherly peoples have always known how to read our shared past without anger and with a constructive perspective.”

Mexico is not the first country to request an apology. Why all the fuss?

True, but is it the first country to consider this for crimes from 500 years ago? There is a lot of back and forth on when it makes sense for a country to apologize for past actions, but in this case it’s still unclear if AMLO is doing this as part of his agenda to reduce racial inequality in Mexico by lifting the morale of the indigenous community and respectfully acknowledging the violent acts their ancestors encountered or if it’s a political ploy.  

Are the people supporting AMLO?

What’sApp was flooded with memes while Twitter had both support and backlash on the president’s request.

#AMLO #AcknowledgeForTheRightReasons #HumanRights


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