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Afro-Mexicans: Getting to Know Mexico’s Untold Story

Image of various faces from the great Afro-Mexican population of Mexico

Can you imagine being taken out of your home, of your native country, because you don’t “look” the right way?

A big part of Mexico’s history was left out of textbooks and continues to be ignored today. As of last week, the Mexico senate announced a review for the constitutional recognition of Afro-Mexicans. Seventeen federal entities must approve the constitutional reform for this to happen.

The people are hopeful though. If granted recognition, there will still be much work to be done towards equality. Much like the indigenous population, their socioeconomic status and social inclusion is still a struggle. Are we going to need Cuarón to keep making movies so people wake up to our shameful reality?

Let’s get to know them

Educating the population about the existence of fellow Afro-Mexicans is extremely important. According to BBC and Identidades: Difusión de la Cultura Mexicana, Afro-mexicans’ citizenship is constantly being questioned. Some have suffered deportations to Haiti and Central America assuming to be undocumented immigrants.

Through social media, AfroMéxico Tercera Raíz has given the Afro-Mexican community a space to show who they are, their traditions, their food and most importantly, their nationality.

Follow @AfroMexicoTerceraRaiz and Facebook group Mexico Negro to stay informed and support our fellow Afro-descendants.

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