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World Series Profile: Fernando Rodney

Fernando Rodney Leaving warmups

Dominican MLB pitcher Fernando Rodney could make history this World Series. The 42 year-old reliever just needs to enter a game to hit this crazy achievement. During his career, he will have pitched at every round of the playoffs, the World Series, and the All-Star game, and all for BOTH leagues! Add the World Baseball Classic to that list as well.

Rodney made his MLB debut in 2002 for the Detroit Tigers. He went to his first World Series with them in 2006, and would regularly clock in at over 100mph that year.

In ’08 he moved to the Angels where he didn’t see great innings. When he moved to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2012, he notched 40 saves and was the AL Comeback Player of the Year! After each save he would pretend to shoot an arrow into centerfield, as a celebration.

In 2014 with the Mariners he grabbed another 48 saves and an All-Star appearance. He slowed down a bit after that, and bounced around the league, with stops in Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Arizona, Minnesota, and Oakland. The Washington Nationals signed him this past June, and has pitched around 48 innings with them.

We hope Fernando gets to pitch some meaningful innings in this World Series and can bring home his first MLB Championship!


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