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Who Are The Democratic Undecided Voters Leaning Towards?

Joe Biden talking in front of American Flag

With the 2020 Election officially less than one year away, the undecided voters have been a recent topic of conversation. Three insider polls were orchestrated on September 25-26, October 3-4, and October 16-17. The results? Joe Biden, Andrew Yang, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg were the only democratic candidates with positive support. The highest performing one may come as a bit of a surprise – Andrew Yang. In fact, of the 268 undecided voters who knew of Yang, 46% said they would be satisfied with him as the nominee compared to the only 24% that said they wouldn’t. The next most favorable candidate was Biden, his strength being his familiarity and electability. Out of the 620 voters who knew of him, 42% supported him compared to the 35% who didn’t. And in third place was Buttigieg, with 32% of showing support and 29% not.

That said, a lot can still change between now and November 2020. Check out the full article by Business Insider below.


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