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Weekly Horoscopes: October 14 – 20, 2019

It’s a restless week, everyone.

After the Full Moon, restless energy pervades, as we all feel fired up by the Aries vibe matched with Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Neptune at the beginning of this week. We all want BIG changes—systemically, institutionally, spiritually, and personally. But, even though the tide is turning the works is slow and methodically paced—too slow for many of us.

The best thing to do is accept that you are already getting your way and have already taken the steps that are needed in order to bring about change. Results can be slow, but soon enough every single small step will add up to one giant leap forward. Trust yourself and trust your process. We’re all slowly turning towards revolution. 

Dates to Watch:

  1. October 14th, 2019: Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus (3)
  2. October 14th, 2019: Sun square Pluto
  3. October 15th, 2019: Mercury trine Neptune
  4. October 20th, 2019: Venus sextile Saturn


You may feel restless following the Full Moon in Aries of last week, and that will be due in part to the Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus transit on October 14thThis transit has more of an effect on the cultural level than on the personal level per se, but it will definitely color the vibe of the entire week ahead. 

Watch out for feeling unfulfilled, like you haven’t done enough with your time, or like you just can’t get things right. You really are doing a lot right now and need to appreciate where you are at and all that you have accomplished. 

Mercury will trine Neptune on October 15th, and you may have some ideas about what you’d like to do next in terms of self-awareness and growth, but these are things to keep in mind, not things to make yourself feel bad about. Write down your inspiration and make some cohesive plans if you must, but don’t let the feeling of frustration get to you. 

The weekend may bring some conflict between your own desires for intimacy and the responsibilities you have signed on for at this time. If you’ve been trying to do too much, you’re definitely going to feel it on October 20th, when Venus sextiles Saturn. 

Take it easy and accept that because you have taken on certain commitments, you’ll have to follow through—but make sure not to do this again. You have nothing to prove and are just exhausting yourself beyond your limits. All things in due time. 


If you are feeling anxious or off balance at the start of this week, it may be because Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Uranus on October 14th, right after the Aries Full Moon. This transit is bringing up a lot of questions for you about agency, privilege, and how you use your personal power. The best thing to do with this anxiety is make some actionable changes to the way you structure your everyday experience. 

The Sun is square Pluto on October 14th as well, highlighting the importance to align your daily activities with your ideals. Are you trying to ground your actions in support of the people around you who would benefit from your strength of character and access to personal agency? Instead of feeling guilty or anxious, figure out how you can use your privilege to benefit others. There may be something more you can do—whether its donate a certain amount of your money, time, or energy to the cause. 

You may get a better understanding of how you can be in support of those you care about on October 15th, when Mercury trines Neptune in your 11th house. Neptune in your 11th can obscure proper relationships and right ways of sharing energy, so be careful before you sign on to be a source of support in some cause or commit to healing a friend. Get clear on what you can actually devote now, and what you actually don’t have time or energy for. It doesn’t help anyone if you’re exhausting yourself. 

You’ll know if you’re extending yourself too far on October 20thwhen Venus sextiles Saturn in your 9th house. If you’re providing more support than you can actually sustain. Draining relationships and overcommitments will come to a head on this day. Figure out how to mediate the problem by centering yourself and your energy. Remember that you cannot support others if you’re not supporting yourself first. 


Have you been doing the work necessary in order to call in right relationships and right connections this year, Gemini? You’ll reflect on this this week with Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus on October 14th.  The sun is square Pluto on this same day, calling into question whether your expression of self is reflecting the inner work you’ve been doing. 

This will be a week to reflect on how you show up in relationships, what you’ve changed from your past patterns, and where you want to go now that you’ve made some monumental changes. 

Mercury trine Neptune on October 15th will be a very good indicator for you about how you’re feeling in your body as you move through different spaces and social scenes. This will give you a chance to do a gut check—do certain people make you feel anxious or uncomfortable? Now is the time to pay attention and trust your intuition—not every connection is good for you. 

You’ll make some decisions and perhaps prefer a quieter time towards the end of the week, when Venus is sextile Saturn on October 20th. For you, this aspect will highlight the need for self-care and support during times of great change, which we are all living through now. 

No need to try and play happy for every single person in every social situation—take a break and sit with the changes you are contemplating now. The more you can let go of attachment to connections, jobs, and personas that no longer serve you, the better you will be able to step into this new chapter. 


Remember that your creative expression is your saving grace during times of hardship and stress, dear Cancer. With Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus on October 14th activating your frustrations with your current work situation, you may want to lean into your creative practice to let off some steam. 

You may be feeling like you don’t get enough recognition for your talents and gifts, or you may be frustrated with all of the different little responsibilities you have fulfill on a daily basis for your job. Either way, dissatisfaction is highly present, and you’ll want a way of expressing it that doesn’t wreak havoc on your relationships.

Mercury trine Neptune on October 15th will bring an opportunity for some much-needed creative expression, joy, and connection. Mark this day as a bright spot in what could be a frustrating week—make sure you do something supportive and joyful on this day. This is an excellent day for taking some time to create art, reconnect with someone you love, or make a new and inspiring connection. 

We’ll end this week on a slightly heavier note—no matter how fun and how joyful the practice, everything feels a bit heavy by the end of the week. If you’d like to make a go of a new creative outlet for a career path, you’ll recognize that it’s going to take a lot of work. If you’re future tripping about plans with the boo, you might recognize that there’s quite a bit to go before you get to that level of partnership you’re craving. 

But don’t get disheartened. Use this insight to recommit to your endeavors. Its true that these things take time, but it’s also true that the only way to make your dreams come true is to start moving towards them. 


The problem is you’re working too much, Leo. With the Sun square Pluto and Jupiter sesquiquadrate both happening on October 14th in your house of vocation and daily practice, I can see that frustrations may rise this week around how you spend your time, and how much free time you have for yourself. 

Although you’ve been making big, important strides to set yourself up for success, the stress of trying to get everything in line will be taking a toll this week. You want to have some time for fun and play, but somehow those responsibilities keep popping up. 

Even though you may be working on exactly the type of work you want to be doing, you still need to give yourself some time to refresh and renew. The Mercury – Neptune trine on October 15th will give you some insight into what connections can offer you that much needed play and rejuvenation now. You want to take a few days off and go on adventure—even if its just to stay home and cuddle up to someone close. I say take it, especially around this day. 

Just make sure to take care of all the loose ends at work, or you may be getting a call over the weekend about some unfinished business that you’ll have to attend to on October 20thwhen Venus is sextile Saturn. You don’t want to project your annoyance onto partners or loved ones, so make sure to check yourself should something come up. Take a breather.


I see some deep inner conflict arising this week, between your desire for security and rootedness at home, and some swift changes you’ve been meaning to make. Will it ever be the right to take the risk? You might know by October 14th, when Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Uranus in your house of travel and education. 

Uranus will be quite active this week, stimulating your desire for some change. Perhaps you’ve had enough of certain patterns that keep showing up in your personal life, or you’re done with the job that is as unfulfilling as it is routine. 

You could break out this week and make a change, starting with how you value your own sense of self. Don’t let everyone around you dictate for you who you are and what you’re capable of. Virgos are way more than just detail oriented and hardworking, you also have a dedication to finding the truth of the matter and uplifting those around you. 

Tap into that this week on October 20thwhen Venus is sextile Saturn in your house of creativity. Instead of getting frustrated over certain creative blocks or lack of inspiration, commit to creating the space necessary for you to evolve your practice. Do you need some more time to feel creative and find what brings you joy? Is there some equipment you need in order to get started? Acquire what you need this week in order to feel prepared to step in.


This might actually be quite an exciting week for you Libra. You have the opportunity to score some real valuable resources from some connections you’ve been building, especially on October 14th when Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Uranus in your 8th house. If you communicate what you need, you just might receive it this week from an unexpected source. Remember, people can’t help you unless they know what they can offer.

Your hard work will start paying off as you bring in more resources in the form of time, energy, and of course money from your dedication to practice. If you have your own business, you might make some new and valuable clients at this time, and if not, you may meet someone who can really help you climb that ladder at work now. Just be ready to receive a new opportunity on October 15th, when Mercury is trine Neptune in your house of work. 

You’ll end the week with a need for some rest and quiet, and should make the time to get it. If a conflict arises between you and your partner or family over, don’t engage. Venus is sextile Saturn in your house of home on October 20th,  so you may just need to sit this one out and rest up.


Does your partner support you, encourage you, and inspire you? A tall order, I know. But this coming week is sure to bring a lot up to the forefront to be addressed and worked through. Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Uranus on October 14th in your 7th house of partnership, so you’re looking to feel appreciated and encouraged by those that you love. 

The quality of the connections in your life will inform your own sense of self-worth at this time, as you know every personally that those you admit into your circle have a direct effect on who you are as a person. Make sure you feel inspired by those that you bring in now, and that you have realistic expectations for those in your life that you care about. 

The Sun is square Pluto on October 14th in your house of communication, so whatever you say will have a strong effect this week. Make sure to hold your tongue if you’re feeling frustrated or anxious. This isn’t the time to blow off some steam by blasting it at those who love you. 

You’ll have a better chance to communicate on October 20th, although whatever needs to be processed may feel restrictive or heavy. Saturn is weighing heavily on your sense of connection now, and that means that you’re taking everything very seriously. Not everything is about you. Let people have their own experience and greet new developments with curiosity instead of judgement. You’ll find things will go a lot smoother this week. 


The best way to deal with the nervous energy of this week, should you feel it, is to remember the feeling of your feet on the ground. Take of your shoes and relax yourself. Focus on the soles of your feet on the ground, feeling into the Earth below, visualizing the molten core of magma revolving around the center. 

You come from this Earth, and you are made of this Earth, and no matter that frustrations you may feel about the work you are here to do, you have everything at hand that you need in order to make the changes you need now. 

With Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus in your 6th house on October 14th, you may feel a heightened sense of urgency about getting to your final destination. The vision you have about the person you want to be in this world needs to happen right now or you won’t be able to move forward. 

But instead of trying to rush your process in order to feel fulfillment in your everyday experience, focus on what you can do right now in order to generate a sense of grounding and belonging. Venus sextile Saturn on October 20th can actually bring a sense of calm by respecting your own boundaries around your energetic output. 

Respect where you are right now in your process, and don’t let the winds of Uranus move you from your dedication to your practice. You have much more going for you when you move from a sense of stability than when you reach into the impulsive. 


Watch out for taking on other peoples’ shit this week, as well as taking things too personally. Both are imbalances of ego attachment to expectations you place on others. With Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus on October 14th, you are open to inspiration that will help you move on to the next level of your spiritual practice, and you should focus on that this week.

Attachment to certain expectations, especially with your trusted friends, might bring down your mood and cause problems elsewhere, where you’ll find it hard to focus on the task at hand. With the Sun square Pluto in your 1st house activating on October 14th as well, this can be a time where you feel like you are owed a certain amount of attention or fulfillment. Check yourself if you feel entitled to certain energetic gifts from others. The only one who can truly make you feel worthy is yourself.

The later half of this week will bring some great connections to you in the professional field, maybe from an unexpected place like the club or a friends’ party. You never know when you might run into someone who can really move your practice along, and this will be especially true on October 20thJust be careful of stretching yourself too far for someone, or expecting too much for your friends in the form of support.


 If you’re nervous about things at home or with your family, a good outlet for that energy may be to spend some time with friends. You have Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus in your 4th house of home and family on October 14th, showing me that some changes are coming for your home life, if they’re not present already. You may want to spend some time with a family member who has fallen ill, or address some details of your home situation, and the precariousness of the situation might prove nerve wrecking. 

Lean into your friendships as sources of support now, and remember to lighten the mood whenever you can. You might get some good news about a job opportunity or career move on October 15th, and you’ll want to take advantage by keeping your spirits up. 

This is not a good day for signing contracts or working out the details, as the Mercury-Neptune trine is not good for working out the finer details of a new prospective offer. It’s more of a broad brushstroke you’ll want to finesse later. 


You’re at the cusp of starting a new chapter after the Full Moon in Aries, starting with Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus on October 14th. You have the opportunity to make some major and much needed changes in the space where you do business. If you are an entrepreneur, this is the week to tweak your home office or business location in order to attract new clients. 

If you’ve been working a job you’re not particularly fond of, now is not the time to springboard onto a new opportunity, though it may feel like it. The Uranus aspect in this transit as well as Mercury-Neptune trine on October 15th can make some very impulsive decisions, and you are especially sensitive to such transits. This is more about building up the seeds you’ve already put down, not throwing out the basket. Be careful if you have impulsive feelings this week, and don’t make any rash decisions.

You’ll end the week on a higher note if you take a small trip out of town—especially on October 20th, when Venus is sextile Saturn. You need a break from all of your responsibilities to people in your life who depend on you for advice, support, and care, and honestly, you might be feeling like you need some of that energy for yourself. Take it. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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