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Weekly Horoscopes: November 4th -10th, 2019

Celia Sagastume in SF

This is the middle week between the New Moon and the Full Moon– the time to grind your gears and get to work on the intention you set for Scorpio season. Frustration is high, emotions are high, and exhaustion is certain– tread carefully so you can go far.

Dates to Watch:

  • November 5th, 2019: Mars square Pluto
  • November 8th, 2019: Saturn Sextile Neptune
  • November 9th, 2019: Mercury Sextile Pluto


Mars in your 7th house is square Pluto in your tenth on November 5th, so chances are you’re going to feel the need to assert yourself at work. Some routines and structures are feeling stifling now, and you want the freedom to move about and try something new. Be careful not to let this vibe overtake your long-term goals— if you want to keep working where you’re working, you’ll have to find a channel for this frustration that doesn’t burn bridges. Try talking about what’s frustrating you with a superior, a collaborator, or a dogmatic client. Try to find a compromise that gives you some space.

If you choose to talk about what’s bothering you, you may find a solution to the issue that not only benefits you but benefits your co-workers too. Saturn sextiles Neptune on November 8thindicating that some changes are coming for your department or place of work. Structure needs to shift now in order to allow for freedom of expression and creativity—you may have a hand to play in the changes. 

Whatever shifts will benefit your creativity and outlook—look to November 9th for a day when you can feel inspired and ready to continue your practice. You may find inspiration today from an unlikely source—an old frenemy or difficult connection may have something to teach you.


You may be feeling like you’re grinding your gears this week, as Mars squares Pluto on November 5th, signaling some frustration with your day to day routine and responsibilities. Even you, Taurus, gets tired of monotony if you don’t see any results or changes, and this day may prove overwhelming. Instead of banging your head against the wall, talk to your friends about what’s bothering you. 

Saturn is sextile Neptune on November 8th in your 11th house, so the solution to your problem lies elsewhere—outside of your usual circle of contact. You need to spend some time in a new setting—say yes to an offer to check out a new art show, dance party, or volunteer event. A change of scenery will bring to light a new practice that will definitely get your juices going. 

Mercury in retrograde will sextile Pluto on November 9thso I see that including your partner, beau, or close friend may be ideal when you try out something new. You want them to feel included, and to for you both to find this new practice together. Alternatively, if you’re single, you may find a new and interesting person who you’d like to spend some more time with on this date. 


You may start this week feeling frustrated at someone’s lack of enthusiasm for your plans, dear Gemini, but I would suggest you listen to what they have to say before jumping to conclusions. Mars in your 5th is square Pluto on November 5th, letting me know that some plans you’d really like to make happen just won’t go your way right now. Be especially carefully about plans you make with others right now—when you depend on someone else in order to lift an idea off the ground, you have to wait for them to be ready.  

Things will turn in your favor by November 8th, when Saturn sextiles Neptune in your 10th house. You will find a solution to the problem in your way, even if it means offering the funds and resources yourself in order to make it happen. I can imagine a trip you’d like to take or a romantic escape you’d like to plan that your partner just can’t afford right now—if you’d really like to go, support them yourself! You may find an unexpected source of funds now that make the panning easier.

If you do lean into your generosity, then it may be repaid tenfold before the week is up, on November 9thwhen Mercury is sextile Pluto in your 6th house. You may find you really enjoy being the daddy in the relationship for a change, or that supporting someone else gives you happiness and self-satisfaction. Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised if you choose to be more giving moving forward and incorporate this new trait into your repertoire. 


You may be feeling like relaxing at home and tending to your garden (i.e. the couch) is all you have the energy for. But someone close in your life has other plans that will become clear on November 5th, when Mars is square Pluto. Either a partner, close friend, or housemate will be demanding that you get up and get moving, joining them on some pre-arranged event you no longer want to participate in. All you want is peace, but there is no chill to be had with this person. 

Instead of getting into an argument over differing levels of energy, communicate what’s coming up for you now on more intimate terms. Are you feeling like a homebody because you’re overwhelmed with all the tasks you’ve set before you? Are you working through some memories that you have around these dates? This person will be moved by your personal reasons much more than your tough outer shell, especially on November 8th when Saturn is sextile Neptune. 

You may even work together to find a new hobby or interest that can satisfy both of your interests right now, which will be an especially potent possibility on or after November 9th when Mercury is sextile Pluto. By daring to share what’s coming up for you now, you may find much more support than you previously thought you were going to encounter. Communication is key right now. Take a chance. 


You’ve been busy, busy, busy as a bee Leo, and your calendar is all filled up with doctor’s appointments, work responsibilities, home errands, and commitments to others. But watch out for a wake-up call on November 5th, when Mars in your 3rd house is square Pluto in the 6th. It looks like you’re in danger of running yourself into the ground now, and a small pain in your back might turn into a complete body revolt unless you’re careful. 

It seems to me that people who keep themselves so busy may be avoiding something, and if this is you, then you’ll get some clarity on it on November 8th, when Saturn is sextile Neptune. Whatever emotional turbulence you may be trying to avoid will surface now, and you’ll do well to pay attention. Spend some time at home now in order to rest and process.

You’ll find that family, support networks, and chosen kin will be right there to help you through it on or around November 9thwhen you’re ready to talk. Even if you’ve lost touch for a while, had a fight, or feel like they don’t want to hear from you—reach out. Now is the time to make amends. 


You’re so focused on work, your bottom line, and building up your resources that you’re starting to lose sight of what makes this all fun and exciting, Virgo. You’re sure to get a challenge to your daily grind from a romantic interest or friend on November 5thwhen Mars is square Pluto in your 5th house. Don’t deny it—you’ve been so busy with your nose to the ground that you’re lacking a bit of excitement. Let them take you on an adventure so you have some room to breathe. 

You’ll be very glad you did later in the week on November 8th, when Saturn is sextile Neptune. You and your beau, date, or friend will be inspired to start a new practice together- it could just be walking around the block together to enjoy the sunset or starting a gym membership—it might even be a creative project that helps build your connection. 

Allow that practice to inspire you and keep you afloat during these hard-working times. You should see a development in your practice on November 9th, when Mercury sextiles Pluto. The connections you choose to invest in will pay you back in abundance of creativity and enjoyment—exactly when you need it most.


Even the best laid plans come up on some problems Libra, so don’t get disheartened at the first sign of trouble. Mars in your first house is square Pluto on November 5th, and some project you’re trying to get off the ground will encounter issues on or around this date. The problem seems to be coming from home—either you’re having troubles with a housemate or landlord, property or apartment, or your family may object to certain decisions you’re making now.

The problem may lie in certain compromises you’re making that may satisfy your immediate needs for security and stability but compromise your own creativity and inspiration. Don’t try to fight the opposition early on in the week—approach any setbacks with patience and acceptance. Saturn will make a connection with Neptune on November 8th, which will soften the barriers in your way. Trust that new information will reveal the path you should take around this difficulty—sometimes the best strategy is to wait it out. 

By November 9th, you’ll understand how best to navigate the situation with a loved one who you’re struggling with and will know how to communicate your needs without stirring up muddy waters. 


Be careful this week, as there’s a high key chance of feeling misunderstood, and therefore frustrated, with someone you care about. There will be some miscommunication on or around November 5th that will trigger feelings of self-doubt—maybe even triggering abandonment or rejection issues. You should be careful of reading too much into things right now. You may be totally justified in your frustration at the situation, but you should be very careful about how you react. Your emotions might be inflamed right now, and someone might get burnt. 

Wait until after November 8th to address the situation, as you’re highly likely to be influenced by what you want to see instead of what’s really in front of you on this date. Neptune will be playing a key role in this dynamic situation, and this planet is known for enchantment and self-deception. Don’t get caught up in your expectations. 

November 9th and beyond will prove much better for communications with loved ones—you’ll be able to smooth it out with some clear thinking and precise use of words. Remember what your goals are now—not whether or not you “win” this situation, but what it reflects about you as a person and how you handle conflict. 


You may get an opportunity this week that will be highly in your favor—a friend, acquaintance or co-worker has an offer that could totally change your outlook. But are you ready to receive it? This offer should come around November 5th, when Mars is square Pluto. There’s some plan you’re thinking about putting into place, but you’re having doubts about your own capacity to achieve it, and your own ability to carry it through. 

You might need to take some space from family and close friends right now in order to listen to your own gut. Neptune in your 4th will affect your sense of self on November 8th if you aren’t careful. This could come in the form of a friend or family member who instills doubt into your well laid plans, or it could be a housemate that de-centers you in such a way that you can’t focus. 

Take some space in order to think this opportunity through. From my point of view, you have every right to believe this could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for, if only you have the time and space to see it through. You’ll know for sure by the end of the week, when Mercury connects with Pluto on November 9th

With any new endeavor, you just have to make sure you have enough time and space to give yourself the proper support that’s needed to carry the plan out. Make sure you take some time to yourself this week to replenish your energy. You need all the focus and will to take this idea from a plan into an action.


You’re making a lot of headway at work—plowing through those deadlines, meeting all those goals, and getting all the shit done. But, is this actually what you’ve been working for? I see gray clouds ahead this week, Capricorn, as Mars squares Pluto on November 5thYou’re so good at achieving anything you set your mind to now that before you know it, you’re halfway down the race and can see the finish line. But do you want to finish what you’ve started?

This is a tough road for you, because following through on commitments is #1 in your book. But even you might have second thoughts this week as you realize what all this work is doing to you. Do you like who you are becoming?

You might get some feedback from friends and neighbors this week, just by the reflection they offer you now. A simple “wow you’re never home” or “oh, I guess that sounds fine, if that’s the kind of thing you like” will have a resounding impact on your ego, especially around November 8thwhen Saturn is sextile Neptune. 

But take heart—you can find some comfort in your friendships now. You’ll get some much-needed insight afterNovember 9th, when Mercury trines Pluto. If you’re having doubts about your current path, reach out to those you trust. Take out what’s on your mind and listen to the feedback. Perhaps there’s a few slight changes you’d like to make in order to feel more centered now. 


Even though you’re optimistic about your plans for next year, I can see some clouds brewing on the horizon this week, dear Aquarius. Look to some plans of yours being put on hold due to some anxieties on November 5th, when Mars Is square Pluto. You want to know if you’re taking the right steps, or if you need to reconsider certain plans you’ve got cooking, and the only who can answer this question is yourself. 

What is needed is to redefine what you value. What kind of resources are you striving for? Is it deep connections and growing intimacy, cash, cash and more cash, or recognition and status? Take some time to define what you value this week, especially by November 8thwhen Saturn is sextile Neptune. You might be easily swayed in a direction that you’ll have to course correct later unless you’re careful. 

November 9th will be the time to communicate how your plans are changing to someone who is depending on you—a boss, co-worker or collaborator. Just make sure the adjustment you make is in line with your long-term goals. What is most important here is that you are building up your own sense of worth by trusting your creative vision. 


I see some frustration in the week ahead Pisces, especially on November 5th, when Mars is square Pluto. You are feeling energetic, active, and engaged, and want to dive into what makes you feel alive and authentic. Your urge to be alone now and focus on yourself will be at odds with some commitments you have to others—work or social responsibilities. As much as you want to disconnect and tune into your vibe, you’re just not able to because your phone keeps blowing up. 

Take it in stride and take a breather. Instead of addressing or projecting your frustration onto those nearby, just take some time off. You’ve got a lot on your mind right now. Take November 8th and 9th as self-care days—turn the phone off. If you have a partner or beau, plan a trip to the hot springs or go camping. You want to reconnect with those you love away from the pressures of the scene right now. I say take it. 

You can come back fully refreshed and in your power. Things will become clearer on this trip—what you need to handle right now, and what can wait another week or two.

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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