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Weekly Horoscopes: November 25-December 1, 2019

Celia Sagastume in SF

The New Moon in Sagittarius kicks off the last full lunar chapter before the end of the year. Now is the time to set in motion your plans for 2020. You have learned a great deal about yourself and what you want for our future– now you need the courage to ask for it.

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The New Moon in Sagittarius this week is a reminder that you need to balance your ambitions with your commitment to self-growth. Professional goals are not the same thing as personal goals. Achieving something in your career does not mean you automatically gain confidence in your skill, nor appreciation in your value as a person. 

The New Moon will happen on November 26th and you’ll have wonderful opportunities this week to redefine what you value and what you want to call in. You have just gained a new step in your career path or are working really hard towards a step you’re about to reach. But when will you know that you are satisfied? Do you know what satisfaction feels like? 

Pay attention on November 28th when we have both Mercury trine Neptune and Venus trine Uranus—there’s a big message for you on this day. Center what you value, not what you think you have to achieve in order to reach that value. 


Release your resentment around what you think you have lost because of your relationships to others. The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th is about expanding your mind and cultivating deeper understanding about the choices you have made that have led you to this moment. Those who share your life right now are here because you need them—you need their strength, support, understanding, and compassion. Don’t blame them for your current situation.

This is a moment of deep transformation—embrace the loss you experience as a necessary step for your personal growth. Look to November 28th for support and guidance from someone who will prove to be a long-term influence. This could be a new romantic interest, or a friend who will help lead the way out of the current dilemma. When you look back at this time period, you’ll realize that a chapter is at an end and the new one is beginning—this relationship will establish the beginning of the next chapter.


Ok, here’s the funny thing about thinking you’re independent and don’t need anyone to fulfill your dreams—when the rug actually gets pulled from under you, you realize just how much you count on others to see things through. This will likely be the case this week, when the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th hits your 7th house of partnership. 

As a Gemini, you love bouncing around from one idea to the next, meeting new people and creating new contacts in each field you encounter. But what you don’t realize is that you depend on your charm, and the warm reception of others, in order to move the way you do. 

Not having proper respect for this fact will land you into trouble this week, when you suddenly find that you’re losing ground. You might not receive an invitation to a social event you thought you’d be invited to, or you might lose a friend over what seemed like an insignificant problem. But others’ value things differently. And in order to continue to have good relationships, you’ll have to learn what they value, and learn to respect it. 


Mood swings. They’re the typical Cancer move, no? But the truth is that they don’t have to be. This New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th can help you gain control over your emotional body through a simple mental exercise: imagine accepting the people around you, exactly as they are. They will say callous things that hurt your feelings. They will forget your birthday and not send you a card. They will walk by you on the street and not recognize you. But does this mean they don’t care?

Honestly, no. The expectations we have built upon peoples’ behavior is exactly why people with heavy Cancer placements experience so many dips in mood. You have to let go of testing people to make sure they care about you. You may never feel satisfied with any connection if you require people demonstrate they care in an exact, specific way. 

November 28th will bring a surprising opportunity to test your commitment to letting go of these expectations. The reason you have such high expectations is that you’re protecting that soft emotional core—but you’re actually much stronger than you think. When someone you care about is excited about an adventure or social engagement, don’t take it as a sign of rejection. Instead of sulking on the couch, join them. You need to experience a different outcome to a recurring problem in your connection. Try something new. 


Who would you be, Leo, if there were no one to witness it? What would you do if there were no accolades or attention from others? That’s the question brought up by this New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th. There is a lot of focus now on your health, wellbeing, and the work you carry out in your daily life. The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in 2020 will happen in your 6th house, and we will be focusing on these issues until well into January 2020. 

But the most important one to reconcile with is integrity of spirit. How do you define what is valuable work, and what is a valuable use of your time? It is important now to let go of any behaviors you’re still holding onto that are for others’ benefit over your own. Make sure you are doing what pleases you, not what pleases others. You’ll fall into excessive deprecation of spirit if you let others define what is important for you. 

The best day to take agency over your time and energy is on November 28th, just a few days after the New Moon, when Venus is trine Uranus in your 10th house. This is a wonderful day to focus on yourself, your health, and the kind of wealth you want to generate now. Make sure you’d define this on your own terms—not by you relationship with anyone except yourself. 


Now is the time to let go of excessive worrying about the future, Virgo. You will no longer let your doubts about scarcity in the future affect the decisions you make in the present. Future tripping has gotten you into a holding pattern—you haven’t explored the depths of our creativity or the force of your passion because you’ve been waiting. Waiting for the right time to make your dreams come true, waiting for the right place to feel comfortable enough to move forward, waiting for the right relationship to support you in your journey. 

But this waiting will continue forever until you decide that you’re the one you’ve been waiting for. November 26th is the Sagittarius New Moon and the deciding moment for the next chapter of your expression. Now is the time to lean into what gives you pleasure, joy, and the creative spark of living. Let go of your grip on the future and recognize the opportunities you have in the present. Generate appreciation for the connections you have in this moment, instead of looking to the ones you hope to have in the future. You will meet someone on November 28th that can transport you to a new level of expression—if you’re ready. 


Sometimes there just isn’t the right way to say it, Libra, and you have to let it go and let our truth show. That’s the lesson this week with the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th. The time of overthinking and over strategizing your movements has come to an end with the Sagittarius moon. You will have the opportunity to express exactly what you think or feel about a situation, whether by accident or on purpose. 

By November 28th, a situation with a loved one or partner around money issues will turn critical. Either someone owes you money and you’ve been letting it slide for too long, or a check you’ve been expecting gets “lost in the mail.” Either way, you’ve got to ask for the resources you need now, and you need to stand up for yourself. There’s no use in being frustrated in private but not expressing what’s up in a direct manner—you’ll never get what you need with this kind of strategy. 


The Sagittarius New Moon on November 26th inspires divine trust in the universe— which you need in order to trust that you will find the resources and stability you seek, dear Scorpio. In order to make it in this world we all need a certain amount of wealth to get by. While capitalism dangles the vision of money like carrot on a stick before our eyes, the truth is that we need more than just money to make it. We need love, support, compassion, and understanding. 

And you can access both money and wealth now, if you know where to look. Right in your own backyard, in your social group, neighbors, housemates, and friends, lies the stability you’ve been seeking all along. You don’t need the perfect partner that represents success or the fancy home that will finally give you the stability you seek. What you need is to trust that the community you have built will carry you through any situation. Look to November 28th for a new intimate connection to arise with someone you’ve known for a while. This will put things in perspective. 


This beautiful New Moon is all for you, Sagittarius, as it shines down the possibility of an improvement in your work situation, as long as you are flexible enough to receive it. The past year or so has been full of ups and downs—Jupiter has been in Sagittarius, which is highly beneficial to you, although the rollercoaster ride can be difficult to deal with. This New Moon marks the finish line for this time. Jupiter, your benefic planet, will be leaving by the end of this week.

This is your final moment to tap into the wonderful ride that has been Jupiter’s blessing and ask for one last gift in passing. Think back to the last year—Jupiter has been visiting you since November 2018. What decisions did you make? How has your life path been altered by this planets visit? And what lesson would you like to take with you at this time? 

Let this moment be a shift in your perspective. See the value this last year has brought into your life in terms of new opportunities, shifting patterns, and renewed opportunities. Many things have been lost, but a sense of value has been found. What is that for you? Commit to it now. 


This is the most beautiful New Moon of the year for you, and the final opportunity to let go of your worries and fears around the future and embrace the possibility of this moment. The New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th is about releasing your attachment to certain outcomes—certain relationship structures, certain people, certain jobs, and certain expectations for your personal achievement. You are fully capable of surpassing each and every one of those expectations, and your grip on trying to make certain things happen is actually blocking the larger picture that’s trying to come in now. 

The next month will be a powerhouse for you—there will be four planets in your sign, including the famed Pluto-Saturn conjunction that will happen early 2020. It will fly by faster than you can blink an eye, and when this moment is done, when all is said and accounted for, you will be on the precipice of a new chapter. 

What we need to do in this moment is prepare yourself for the possibility of that exalted future, by letting go of your expectations in the present. Don’t worry so much about exactly how all the pieces fall into place, just worry about whether you will be free and clear enough to meet the challenge in the moment. Release any doubts you have about your own power and integrity. Let go of that critical voice in your head. You need all of your strength and focus now, so there’s no time to let worries in. 


Be careful during the next couple of months, Aquarius. There’s an emphasis on paying back karma and devoting your energy to clearing the history of old dynamics now, and you want this time to be as easy as possible. The best way to navigate this energy is to set an intention now, at the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th, around releasing your anger towards the limiting structures you feel in your life. 

There’s a lot of pressure now, and it feels like it’s coming from authority figures—your boss, your family, your co-workers, and people in positions of power. Your anger towards the structures that hold you back might cause you to act out in ways that would be detrimental to the energetic process taking place now—the clearing of limiting energy. Instead of getting further tangled up, find the way to release yourself—by not projecting your frustration outward. 

What you perceive as happening outside of you is actually happening inside. The impossible expectations, the long nights, the endless work and the pressure to deliver perfection are all your own expectations, not others. Work on being easier on yourself instead of reacting to others. Cultivate calm, inner serenity, and relaxation. You need it now. 


It’s time to let go of your negative attitude towards others, Pisces. We all know you love your rose-tinted glasses and your idealistic view of society, but that’s all to your detriment if you continue to hold everyone up to the impossible standards of your fanciful picture. You should recognize now that nothing on this earth is ever as it “should” be—it just always is what it is. At the New Moon in Sagittarius on November 26th, I’m asking you to accept the reality in front of you with compassion instead of disdain. 

You are expending a lot of energy in dissatisfaction and rejection of the imperfections in the world around you. Embrace the cracks in the façade of human life and recognize that no one here is exactly what we wish we could be. In acceptance, you can find a way to live up to your own ideal of compassion. You may even find an opportunity to travel or start a new adventure with someone you’d recently written off on November 28th—if you can offer them the opportunity to show up differently. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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