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Weekly Horoscopes: November 18th – 24th, 2019

Celia Sagastume in SF

Mercury retrograde is over, Mars moves into Scorpio, and Sagittarius season begins! Good news right? Eh, sort of. There’s a lot of integration needed now as we gear up for the holiday season, and a lot of loose ends to wrap up that Mercury untied. Are you ready for the heavy lifting needed now? Tune in to find out.

Dates to Watch:

  • November 19th, 2019: Mars enters Scorpio
  • November 20th, 2019: Mercury turns direct in Scorpio
  • November 22nd, 2019: Sun enters Sagittarius
  • November 24th, 2019: Mars Opposite Uranus
  • November 24th,2019: Venus Conjunct Jupiter


This will be an energizing and inspiring week on many levels, Aries. Mars enters your 8th house on November 19th, emphasizing the choices you have to make in order to succeed in your efforts. At every big important step on a journey—whether that be romantic, profession, or self-directed, you have to sacrifice some things in order for a new form to arrive. 

With the start of Sagittarius season on November 22nd, it’s the perfect time for you to be looking up towards your long-term plans. Where do you want to go, now that you have achieved the next step in your plan? Now is not the time to take out loans or start a joint account with a loved one, as the karma that needs to be resolved in order for you to move forward will come up now. 

Instead, look to November 24th for initiating the next step on your personal journey. This is a beautiful date with Mars opposite Uranus and Venus conjunct Jupiter— need a raise? This will be the day to ask for it. Want to take your relationship to the next level? This is the day to communicate that intention. 


This can be a difficult week for your relationships Taurus, so be careful to think before you share your grievances this week. Mars enters your house of partnerships on November 19th, signaling that cooperation with others is needed now. Any old conflicts that have been swept under the rug or past hurts you’re still holding onto may surface now, as Mars loves to kick up the dirt in this house. 

As Sagittarius season begins, so does your time to make peace with your past and let the old issues go. If you’ve committed to see a relationship through, make sure you address whatever dynamics you no longer want to participate in now so you don’t carry them over into the next year. Be especially careful on November 24th, when Mars is opposite Uranus. 

A conflict may arise now from your sense of being right about a situation—but remember what’s important now. Do you want to be right, or do you want to stay connected? It’s up to you to decide what you truly value now. 


Leave the ego at the door this week, Gemini, because you have a high change of getting into conflicts that won’t benefit you in the least. Be careful. Mars enters your 6th house of work on November 19th, which means your focus will be health, daily routines, and vitality. You may want to work on yourself, your projects, and your energy now, and not let any other trivial responsibilities to others get in the way. 

This could put you in danger—especially on November 24th when Mars is opposite unpredictable and rebellious Uranus. Watch out for feeling like you’re too good for this situation, too important for that responsibility, and too energized to worry about the consequences. Such an attitude will have a way of coming back to you.

The best attitude for this week is self-preservation balanced with acceptance. Centering yourself does not mean you never have to do things that are dumb, small, or seemingly trivial. It means accepting your responsibilities even as you make space for yourself to grow. Know the difference between what you can let go, and what you need to fulfill now.


You’re finally ready to come out of your shell Cancer—seize this moment and let the energetic influence of Mars in your house of creativity and romance rule the day. The energetic shift change starts on November 19th, when Mars enters your 5th house. If you are working on creative projects or trying to get your talents shared on a wider stage, this will be a fabulous day for you to start making those plans. 

That start of Sagittarius season on November 22nd will help you focus that energy into your life’s work—whatever that may be. Now is the time to let that inspiration flow and create something new. This is also a great time to make new connections—romantic or creative are especially fortunate now. Go out this week, especially on November 24th when Mars is opposite Uranus—a new and very engaging connection can be made while you’re out with your friends now. 

Trust what inspires you and helps you feel energized and creative again—it’s been a long month of working on your feelings and you need a break girl. 


Unfortunately, I still don’t have the best of news for you Leo, as Mars enters your domestic life this week and brings up some blockages and conflicts. Watch your mood on November 19th, when Mars enters your fourth house of domestic issues and family strife. This transit will be going through the rest of the year, so we won’t see a break until 2020. You may feel blocked at work or like you can’t move forward—too many responsibilities at home and with the family leave you feeling bogged down and overwhelmed. 

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel—a beautiful day full of romance and adventure, should you make the time for it. November 24th will be your shining light in a week filled with stress- take it. Venus is conjunct Jupiter this day in your house of romance, so this will be a wonderful time go on a special date with your beau or meet someone new who can take your mind off the trouble. 


You’re working something out this week, so be careful you don’t project your internal conflict on those poor unfortunate souls around you this week Virgo. It must be obvious to you by now that some of your beliefs have had to change because the way in which the world works is changing. The way to structure your life, the rules to follow, and the people who were guides have all fallen by the wayside as this new way of being is emerging—more elastic, creative, and flexible. 

With Mars moving into your 3rd house on November 19thyou’ll feel the pressure of this shift change directly, in the form of disagreements with your co-workers, collaborators, and neighbors. You may get really defensive about certain political beliefs you have or get argumentative over what proves to be really small drama. Don’t get sucked in. 

Remember that if you need to raise your voice in order to prove a point, then you’ve already lost. Look to November 24th as a beautiful to smooth over any big drama that may have come up in the past few weeks between you and those you live with. Instead of digging in your heels, focus on making amends. There are better ways of having these conversations. 


Now is the time to do something about your financial position Libra—the time to put your affairs in order and stop spending time and energy where you have no business doing so, literally. Mars enters your 2nd house on November 19th, and this means you now have the opportunity to do something about your insecurity around your self-worth. If you have the tendency to value yourself based on how others see you—the amount of money you make, the stylish clothes you wear, the amount of likes your selfies get—then you’re going to run up on some disappointment now. 

It will never feel like enough if you keep looking to external forms of validation. You’re going to run up credit card bills trying to support others, and the only one who’s going to get stuck with the bad credit score is you. Reverse this pattern. Feed yourself a spoonful of integrity. November 25th is a beautiful day for you to set a new intention. Venus is conjunct Jupiter which means boundless love is available to you—use it wisely. Stay curious about your own patterns instead of other peoples’ T. Why do you keep giving your power away?


I am very excited for you this week Scorpio, as your ruler, Mars, steps into your first house and shines a light on all your negotiations. Mars lights up your week on November 19th, when the planet of will, energy, and drive steps into your first house and gives you the courage and self-satisfaction you need to tie up loose ends. 

Mercury is retrograde in your first house as well, kicking up dirt on some of your connections and making communication difficult now. You may have lost an opportunity due to poor timing, or feel like you lost a contract because of some error. But with Mars in your house, you’re able to address what the issue is in order to move forward smoothly—just make sure to approach the situation with curiosity instead of defensiveness.  

November 25th will be a beautiful day for you to invest in yourself. Take a break from the struggle to lift your plans off the ground by taking a day off. You need it. Make the headspace to open up to inspiration and treat yourself to some luxury. You need to revive your spirit so you can continue putting in this work.


Happy Birthday Sagittarius! We enter your birthday season with a bit of brooding and some wonderful self-doubt. Let’s get that straightened out so you can enjoy your season. Mars enters your 12th house on November 19th, setting the stage for some strange interactions and tough conversations now. It may seem like small disagreements are blowing up into larger conflicts now, through no fault of your own. 

But do you really have no part to play here? Now is the time to notice the little ways that you communicate those feelings you’re not addressing directly. Other people can pick up on your anxiety, anger, and resentment now—so go ahead and address it directly. I think of birthday season as a new year, so notice what comes up now and work it out openly so you can leave it behind. 

November 25th will be a gorgeous day for you—Venus and Jupiter meet in your first house. Take yourself out on the town and treat you right. This is definitely a birthday gift to you from the heavens. If you have someone you love to share your live with, this is the day to show them you care. Make it count. 


Let’s be real, this year is pretty much over at this point, and you’ve got to plan for the future. Any things you set out to do accomplish this year that haven’t gotten quite wrapped up will be pushed into 2020. What are those things?  You’ll be spending a lot of this week identifying them. Mars moves into your 11th house of future tripping on November 19th, so you’ll be spending the last of this year planning for tomorrow. 

What would you like to do creatively? Has your art practice or romantic life suffered because you’ve been so busy slaying in the professional realm? Now is the time to refocus, especially on November 24th, when Mars is opposite inspiring Uranus in your house of creativity.  You might meet someone new who reminds you that you must balance work with play. 

Mercury turns direct on November 20th, so you’ll have the chance to put those regrets into action now.  Don’t critique and criticize—you can’t hate yourself into becoming someone you love. Just make space for what you need instead. Say no when you need some time to yourself. Say yes when you want to get lost for a minute. 


You’ve been getting lost in the emotional world of feeling, intuition, and family life, Aquarius, but this week you’re about to wake up from your slumber and get moving again. Mars moves into your house of ambition and personal recognition on November 19th, telling me that you’re ready to enter the game again, and you’re about to hit the ground running. All that pent-up emotional energy needs somewhere to go, and this week it will be your work, career, and aspirations. 

Mercury goes direct the next day, on November 20th, also in your tenth house of career, so all systems are ready to launch for your next big step. You’ll be picking up the slack in many arenas now—time spent with the beau, time put in at work, and time put in with the family will all be achieved now. Just watch out for burnout—these hot and cold spells can be draining. 

You have a beautiful opportunity for connection on November 24th, when Venus meets Jupiter in your house of social aspirations and mutual dream making—tap into this energy with someone you love. Take a relationship to the next level by opening up a conversation about where you see yourselves heading—or build a new project with a mutually creative connection. 


You may be feeling frustrated at the lack of adventure and expansion in your life now, but that’s no excuse to take it out on the ones you love, dear Pisces. With Mars moving into your 9th house on November 19th, the pressure is on for you to feel alive, energetic, and engaged. Any part of your life that feels monotonous or stagnant will feel especially hard now, as you desire new experiences and engaging conversation. 

The key to this transit is to take responsibility for your own happiness. You can’t expect others to keep things interesting for you or continue to bring you new stimuli. You have to go out and find what inspires you on your own. November 25th can prove difficult if you don’t take responsibility for your own happiness, as Mars is also Uranus on this day. Be careful not to lash out at those that want to support you. Projecting your frustrations on those around you will not lead to any solutions. 

On the flip side, look to November 25th for some inspiration at your place of work—this day could bring a chance meeting with someone you admire. It’s a beautiful day full of opportunity and the chance for you to connect with someone that embodies the type of energy you want to own. Take notes. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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