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Weekly Horoscopes: December 16th – 22nd

Celia Sagastume in SF

Center Your Relationship to Self

In order to move forward with your highest intention for the development of your self, your projects, and your energy, you need to center your relationship to self before all others. The degree to which you can follow through on your vision is directly related to how much you trust your self and your ability to see it through. Listen to yourself. Trust the feeling that emanates from the core of your body. You already know how you would like to move forward. Trust that direction above all others.

Dates to Watch:


Broaden your horizon— clear your mind of the clutter left behind by old ways of thinking and being. You have passed through the shadow of your unconscious mind and walked with the ghosts of mistakes made in the past. Now, as you emerge at the end of the long tunnel, you are asked to step back into the light— and take responsibility for bringing forth the dawn of a new era. 

Take the lessons you learned from the old versions of you and apply them to the present. Embrace the role you are being asked to step in now— you are the only one who can do what you have been put on this Earth to do. No one is perfect in this realm, least of all you, who learns from making the mistakes others dare not to do. Take that experience and share it widely— do not be ashamed of your past. Make it your strongest suit. 


This is the time of shedding. The layers of the old are being peeled back in order to reveal the new— the one who will leap forward into the next year with grace, confidence, and fortitude. You release the attachment to connections that no longer feel resonant with ease, knowing that you will call in fortuitous relationships next year. 

You identify the fears that are still sitting with you and call them one by one, by name, in order to be released. You are absolutely worthy of the next chapter you are trying to actualize now. You have the talent, the strength, and the integrity to carry the responsibility you wish to take on. You look to the past, only to assure yourself that you will not carry on as you did before. The shadow revealed now is here to help you uncover the true self that lives within. There is no room for shame here. 


Is your hunger for intimate connection satisfied? Do you feel seen, loved, heard, and appreciated by those closest to you in life right now? Are you able to expose the soft and fragile heart at the center of your being to people who you trust to hold that truth? Or are you forever wearing a mask of cool, calm, controlled exterior, forever trapped by the persona you’ve created?

Your desire for real connections is not wrong. Your wish to see and be seen by others, not for what you can do to entertain and lighten, but for the raw real truth you hold is not wrong. Name the need that comes up inside you when you feel separate and isolated by the performance you take on. Notice those who can see past the mirror. Ask them to come closer. 


This body and this life are your own, your own, your own: and nothing and no one can change that. Even you. You have incarnated into this world and you chose this vessel, this time, and this place to learn your lessons. Accept this time as your own, and accept this vessel as yours to do with what you will. There are certain things you can change, and certain things you can’t.

There is no changing the family you have inherited, the path you have chosen, or the time period you have on this Earth: but there is changing your view of it. Don’t fight against that which cannot be shifted. Embrace this beautiful body as the gift you have been given to tour this experience with. Treat it with the care and grace you would give your most cherished friend and lover. Do not overstep your bounds our push beyond your limits now. Accept the messages you receive from this vessel. Respect yourself. 


It is OK to try a new avenue for expression and to fail at making a living at it. It is OK to share your intimate secrets with someone new and risk losing them in the process. It is OK to expose the heart that wishes to share your love with the world and be rejected in that offering. But it is much, much worse to not try.

It may feel like you have all the time in the world to get to the time in your life when you will feel ready to reveal your deepest desires. You may want more training in a creation field, more certainty in the new crush, or more social cache to build an audience. But time has a way of getting faster as you let it go by. Don’t sleep on what you could start building today. You will never be ready to take the risk until you decide that you are. 


You can recognize that certain patterns and behaviors in your life are present because of the effect your parents had on you as a person, but in order to stop the pattern from repeating you have to take ownership of it in your own life. Don’t hold on to regret and blame as a refuge against the work you know you must do in order to clear the karma you’ve taken on. At the end of the road, there will be no one to blame but yourself. You may spend as much time as you need focusing on the mistakes of those that came before you, but eventually, you’ll have to face your own shadow. 

Learn to forgive those that have harmed you. Not because what they did was right or fair, but because you no longer want to hold on to the you that was stuck in that situation. You are no longer the scared child in the corner, the lost adult trying to find her way, or the person without a voice. Let that identity go. Step into your power by speaking the vibrant truth that exists in this moment and no other. 


Focus on the power of your own voice. Learn to love the sound of your own thoughts coming through your communication. What would you say if you weren’t worried about how it was going to be received? What would you say to those that you love if you were assured they would not leave you, no matter what the cause? 

There is certain freedom in the joy of liberating your  voice from the shackles of shame, worry, and grief. You are allowed to be messy; you are allowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to share your interpretation of the situation, even if it’s not the “right” one. There is no one, right truth. Just many experiences folding into one. And it is time to share your own. 


Do you trust yourself enough to invest in your own vision for the future? Do you believe in the power of your energy so fully and so whole heartedly that you do not question the energy, resources, and focus required of you in order to complete this journey? Now is the time to listen  to the desire buried deep within your belly that yearns for the chance to change your world. 

Feed the desire that makes your heart beat quicker and your hair stand on end. Trust that you have the capacity and talent that it takes to make it. Take the leap of investing in your own future— if you cannot gable on your own capacity to rise, what can you take a risk on? Make yourself feel like a sure bet. Sell yourself on the idea that you can actually make it. Then invest your time, energy, and resources in that bet. 


You are moving from the impossible to the possible, witnessing what you previously thought was unattainable come close— within your reach. But are you willing to take that extra step to grab onto what you wish for? And do you know what it is that you would like to call in? As the fog clears from last years’ changes and the new year comes into focus, different options arise. 

There is the safe bet— what you have done before and what will sustain you for a while, until you get bored. And there is something new on the horizon— a challenge, and folded within that challenge, the possibility for something new. But in order to grab onto that future, you have to be willing to make a sacrifice. Will you let go of a sure thing for what might make you stronger in the long run? You don’t need to make a decision now. But decide what you would be willing to let go of if you had a chance at a more fulfilling life. What would make it worth it? 


Self-doubt is the manifestation of countless messages you have received about your own inability to make a difference. These beliefs are not your own. This system thrives on its ability to make you doubt your own expression and trust your own vision. During this time, you feel doubtful of your own power, anxious about decisions you’ve made, and worried about how others feel about your actions. 

But there is nothing you can do to change the perception of others. You will never make everyone happy by your actions, and you’ll never be able to satisfy every request. What you can do is make peace with your own limitations and turn your fears into your strengths. Turn your worry into your strength by noticing how much you care about others. Turn your anxiety into your rock by listening to what you pick up instead of shutting it out. Turn your shame into your pride by owning the mistakes you have made and the work you have done to correct them. 


If you are struggling with feelings of inadequacy, shame, or fear of the future, you should know that you are not alone. Many of us recognize that we face a very questionable future, and there is nothing wrong with being scared for what comes next. But don’t let those fears overwhelm you, or drive you to make decisions you may later regret. 

Instead of taking action based on your feelings, seek a different form of release. Talk it out with someone you trust and who you know cares about your wellbeing. Seek trust and stability in your relationships through mutual support and care. Define relationships by what you want, instead of just moving away from what you don’t want. Lean in. 


The future is not out of our hands, as those in power would like us to believe. You have the power to make changes now that will change the course of your own channel for manifestation. By what beliefs will you define that future? If you believe that you are small, then you will continue to be defined by small choices. 

Believe that you are BIG. Believe that your heart is full of the power and magic necessary to shift the narrative of this moment. Believe that you are a magical being of light and strength that will see it’d way through the darkness ahead. And last but not least, believe that this belief alone can empower you to make the changes you know are necessary now – not because you are doing what is safe, but because you are doing what is necessary. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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