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Weekly Horoscope: December 2nd – 8th, 2019

Celia Sagastume in SF

Jupiter enters Capricorn– this means that now is the time to put our visions into practice. Capricorn is about setting clear goals and then working methodically towards their manifestation. As we end 2019, we approach the beginning of a new decade, and with it, a new chance to rise.

Dates to Watch:

  1. December 2nd, 2019: Jupiter enters Capricorn
  2. December 3rd, 2019: Mercury sextile Pluto
  3. December 8th, 2019: Sun square Neptune


There’s about to be a lot on your plate, Aries, so you’d be wise to make sure you know what you’re signing up for. It’s possible you’re headed straight into a promotion, or doing some travel for work. You’re refining your skill set and getting better at managing your output, and someone higher up has noticed. But you need to make sure you invest your time wisely now. Coupled with career expansion and added resources comes increased responsibilities and heavier workloads. Are you sure you know how to manage all these opportunities wisely? 

Fears may be coming up as a manifestation of your anxiety around the more public role you’re taking on now. You want to make sure you are acting from a place of integrity not. The only way to do that is to face yourself honestly and understand the motivations behind past actions. 


Use the increased optimism and energy of this week to invest in relationships that allow you to expand creatively. It’s important for you to develop a deeper understanding of the role people play in your life right now. Each person that we connect to in this life is present in order to help us navigate a deeper part of our own self. Recognize the impact of every connection you have in order to develop a practice of gratitude. 

What you want is to connect to people who share your creative vision— you need a supportive community, and a space in which to share your ideas. Starting from a place of gratitude, you can call in those that will help you on your journey. You have every opportunity to create the family you want now, you just need to recognize the loving presence that already exists around you. 


A joint venture started now can bring a high reward later, in material gains, of course, but even more importantly, in the development of your higher purpose. You have the opportunity to strike an agreement with someone who can greatly increase your resources and prove highly beneficial for your long term goals. But restraint is required.

Choose your higher self, your spiritual goals, and the development of your higher mind over the material resources offered to you now. Act with integrity and focus on the ideals you know will lift your spirit out of the wheels of capitalism and patriarchal pursuits. Choosing freedom over material gains will insure you make the right decisions now. 


This marks the beginning of a very happy time in your personal life— full of love, joyous connection, and deep affection with loved ones and family. You have the confidence to call in the right kind of partners now, both in love and in work, should you have need for a change in either respective. Starting from your heart center and emanating outward, the universe around you now hears the call of your deepest heartfelt desires. 

Make sure you treat yourself with the kindness and care you want to wish to receive from that special someone you are calling into your life. The key to make your relationships rewarding and long lasting is to establish them from a base of mutual respect and admiration. This starts with your own appreciation and respect for your unique and loving energy. An open loving heart is worth its weight in gold during this time.


There is joy to be found in the smallest details of domestic life, dear Leo, and it is up to you to find the bliss of the every day now. Take on your daily routines, chores, and responsibilities with a renewed sense of gratitude. What may seem like small, humdrum details are the stuff that loving and compassionate lives are built upon. By keeping your space clear, clean, and focused, you are able to accomplish a great many things. 

Figure out how to express yourself creatively in the actions of every day life. Just because something is a responsibility doesn’t mean it has to be a bore. Focus on what you can do right now to shift the energetic space around you. This is the time to apply yourself. Find a way to share your joy for life in every experience— you’ll find your relationships will benefit greatly from this change in perspective.


This is a busy time, full of heavy communications with others, joint projects, and increased responsibilities— and yet, your soul is crying out for creative freedom of expression. You may face a testing time now in your relationships. Someone in your life might need a lot of support,  or you may be called to try and help someone in need. The amount of energy it takes to lift another becomes apparent now, and you might even be reconsidering whether you want children, given all the sacrifice required. 

But don’t make any big decisions based on how drained you feel by others’ needs right now. Your main focus is giving yourself the time and space to have fun and be creative, instead of focusing on all the things that are draining your energy. Give yourself the gift of a new, intensive, creative project where you can focus your attention in a productive and satisfying manner that gives you some control. 


Your foundation is in flux now, and you want nothing more than to find steady ground to walk on. There are changes coming to your housing situation or family dynamics, and these can be especially stressful as we move into the holiday season. What you need to develop together is trust in your agency and power to shift things in order to create a more comfortable situation for yourself.

If you’re feeling drained or overwhelmed by all the decisions you have to make now, say so. If you need to manage your resources in order to cover you bases while you make some changes, seek some advice from someone who knows how to manage assets correctly. And if you feel tired and stressed and just want to curl up into a ball for a day, do it. Don’t hide behind a happy facade.


Where you live seriously affects the kind of people you keep around you, and that will be very apparent this week. Even in the age of the internet, geography plays a big part in community— and you deeply desire strong bonds now. You want to be deliberate about your chosen family now, especially, and maybe specifically, because your blood family may come up needing some more of your undivided attention. 

It can be hard to deal with family dynamics, especially if you represent a new and different way of doing things that isn’t totally supported by those you grew up with. Speak your mind and draw your boundaries closely. This may be the holiday season, but you don’t need to put up with any unhealthy dynamics now. Choose your family. Don’t let them choose who you are. 


You’re lifting yourself up by the bootstraps baby, so no more blaming others for the changes you’ve taken this year: get in gear and go for what you want. If you know your worth, then you’ll know you can get at anything you wish to call it in— and this is an especially potent Sagittarian gift. No hesitations now. All you need is the certainty of purpose and the desire for action. 

Believe that you can take care of your own needs. Know that you have all the skills necessary to succeed. Identify the opportunities you want to materialize, and commit to the work of manifestation. Don’t let any newfound wealth slip between your fingers during this time— invest in yourself instead of spreading yourself and your resources thin. 


Live your truth, Capricorn, and don’t let anyone define what your intentions are. Communicate clearly so there can be no mistakes in interpretation now. You might find yourself in some drama this week with people you thought were your friends but turned out to be snakes in the making. That’s ok. Friendships can quickly turn sour during this time because you’re changing internally and not everyone can keep up with the trends. 

You don’t need to change anything about where you’re going— just make sure you don’t take things so personally moving forward. Deal with “crisis” in a cool, calm manner, with the trust that this too shall pass. Fake it if you don’t feel it yet. You’re learning to be as sure of yourself internally as you project it out externally. We’ll get there. 


Each time you’ve decided to speak to the undercurrents that you see so clearly but that others miss, you grow to trust your vision and read. You’ve got to speak to the reality you see, even if you feel like you’re moving from one crises to the next as you reveal hidden patterns and unknown motivations to big consequences for yourself or those around you. What you see must be revealed at this time, because voicing your truth initiates trust. 

Because you have such an acute focus on the wrongs that are being done right now, you should think about ways to give back and even the playing field. Volunteer your time and help lift someone up who’s having a hard time. It’s one thing to be calling people out all the time, but another to actually commit to being part of the change. 


You want to be rolling with a pack of powerful and engaging people now Pisces, but are you picking these folks for the right reasons? This is a time when you can invest your time and energy in connections that will be uplifting for your career, your status, and your public profile— but also a time when those you associate with reflect what you really value. 

Are you satisfied by those you spend time with regularly, or do you feel like you’ve made a mistake by going down this road? Now is a good time to make some changes. Take a step back and figure out what you’re truly centering right now. Is it money? Power? Social Capital? Or agency, evolution, and self-awareness? Look to those around you for the answer and make some changes if you don’t like what you see. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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