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Weekly Astro: Virgo Season! (August 19th – 25th)

Celia Sagastume in SF

August 19th – 25th, 2019

Virgo Season is upon us: time to get back to school, work on our daily routines, focus on the daily struggle, and get through the last half of the year. We’re called upon to focus our energy once again and let the joy of summer give way to the purpose centered action of fall. The best way to embody this vibe is to remember that the power and discipline for self-actualization lies within you. Don’t fall into the habit of criticizing and complaining the life around you: do something about it.

Aries (1:05)
Virgo season means a time of necessary contraction for you, dear Aries. Your plans have been put in motion, your vision is on its way to manifestation, and you have to prepare yourself to take on the responsibilities of the roles you have signed up to play.

Time to make good on your word and follow through vision with action. Make sure you are taking care of loose ends and focusing on the details of your plans. This is not your forte, so make sure to take things slow this week as the energy shifts and you’re required to mind the small things. It will feel different, and perhaps frustrating, but you’ll get the hang of it by the end of the week. Just remember that in order to ensure a beneficial outcome, you must take charge of the entire situation—not just the fun, but also the necessary.

Taurus (2:05)
This is your season for getting things done, dear Taurus. The Virgo vibe of grounded energy and intentional attention to details speaks to the essence of Taurean vitality. Use this shift change in energy to enliven your romantic, creative, and joyful adventures now. Trust that care will be taken to ensure that your time is well spent and advantageous to your being. You may even experience an increase in abundance this week from someone in your life who appreciates the care and focus you bring to your projects.

The 23rdis an excellent time to do some much-needed renovation of your image—the spa, a wardrobe change, or a new exercise routine is in order. What you need is to luxuriate in some much needed—and very practical— indulgence.

Gemini (3:05)
Only from a place of rooted awareness can you strive to integrate the lessons of the past. There is a lot of promise in your chart at this time, many opportunities for growth and expansion will begin to show themselves at this time, but they all require your single-minded focus on awareness and presence.

Sit with the past that has been plaguing the present. The anxieties and fears rooted in situations that have come before this moment will continue to manifest unless you can accept your own responsibility in the pattern, and in doing so, release yourself from its repetition. Take this week to look directly at the part you had to play in the moments that have caused you pain. Endeavor to address this responsibility where you are able and make different decisions in the future when you are not.

Cancer (4:22)
In recognition of the extent and complexity of the people are you, adjustment of character is necessary. The best way to show care for yourself and for the people in your life who depend on you is to communicate clear boundaries between what you are able to do and provide for those you love, and what you cannot commit to in practice.

This minimizes the resentment that may build in intimate connection, exhaustion that can occur from over-extension, and frustration that can happen when your own needs can’t be met. Now is the time to get clear with yourself about how much you can be expected to support those you love, and how much you need to conserve in order to take care of your own heart.

Leo (5:28)
Your worries about your financial security and wealth will be answered this week, as the gifts and talents that have been granted to you will prove purposeful. Appreciation will be given to you this week in recognition of the energy and drive you bring to those around you who benefit from your grace of presence and loyal support.

You have many people in your circle who have your back and support your interests—do not doubt that your needs will always be met, and your heart taken care of. The amount of love you pour into the world is noticed and will be met with reciprocity this week. Allow yourself to be pampered, supported, and indulged.

Virgo (6:42)
This is the time if renewal and recognition of your power, dear Virgo. You will thrive under the influence of three benefics all working concert to bring you love, energy, and vitality. Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter your home to liven up your workspace and bring joy back into your circle.

Now is the time to start a new chapter. There are patterns in your life that will no longer repeat at the start of this year—especially work or job situations that limit your ability to express yourself freely and creatively. You can appreciate now that your time is limited, and you must make the most of it—choose you. Choose your vision and passion. Take a chance on what brings you joy and what you truly envision doing for the next year. Commit to working on it now.

Libra (8:25)
Dream yourself into a new way of organizing your life that is in line with what truly motivates you. Step outside your responsibility to others, the commitments you’ve made, and the limits you put on yourself in order to maintain the status quo. In a space where none of those structures exist, what do you have?

Whether you have a life filled with the vibrancy and immediacy of purpose, or one filled with commitment and structure will be dependent on what you truly value. If you place others’ happiness over your own, watch for where resentment and anger may breed. You are also someone capable of expressing your desires and taking action. Recognize places where you feel like you are unable to do that and shift your relationships there. You need breathing room.

Scorpio (9:46)
How are your efforts received, dear Scorpio? Are you putting the energy and dedication to practice in the right areas, or is your energy being wasted on those who cannot appreciate your gifts?

Now is the time to get clear with yourself about how you’d like to dedicate your energy to your community: whether that be your family, friends, social circle, or larger realm of human connection. You have put in the time to refine your practice and are beginning to see the space open up for you to express that work. Make sure you are in alignment with your values and are helping uplift those you care about. Success is measured by the satisfaction you receive from seeing your work uplift those you care about.

Sagittarius (11:26)
You have done the necessary prep work and are now in the right position to step into the public field with your vision. Refinement of your vision is necessary in order to fully actualize your vision. The next step of your journey is unfolding before you—are you ready to meet it?

Know that the difference between making a long-lasting shift in your work and having to start and re-start later is discernment. The right work place, the right job, the right expression will support your creativity, enhance your engagement, and motivate you to continue to grow. Do not settle for anything less than what truly resonates with your heart. Take your time and make a decision that will ensure happiness for a long while to come.

Capricorn (12:48)
A new journey of discovery and learning begins this week—develop the clarity of mind needed in order to step into this new chapter with intention. A new opportunity arises for you to travel and develop a new skill, a much-needed break from the work you’ve been doing.

Take this opportunity to expand your practice and incorporate a new way of looking at things. You need a perspective shift that can only come from learning more about a situation—be it our professional career, personal development, or education. The direction will be clear when you understand how best to expand your professional development. Listen to what truly motivates you now when feeling doubt about the future this opportunity holds. Make sure you are listening to what needs attention most—your heart.

Aquarius (14:00)
When you make a commitment to see a situation through, you must be ready to deal with the consequences. It is those consequences that will become clear to you this week, as a situation you thought would be easy turns into a much bigger ordeal.

But there is a lesson for you here, should you choose to continue down this path and see the relationship through. What you’re most afraid of right now is exposure of the deepest part of you that you’d like to protect—something that has been brought to light by this new development. Do not run from yourself, and don’t run from the situation. Instead, face this engagement and get through the fear of exposure. The outcome will not be nearly as disastrous as you think—in fact, it may lead to greater intimacy.

Pisces (15:28)
This is the moment to decide whether you want to commit to this collaboration. A new relationship is taking hold in your life and the development of this partnership may prove very fruitful for your development as a person—both professionally and personally.

This new collaborator should be focused, intent on supporting your shared vision, and ready to invest in a deeper practice with you. Take care to set some personal boundaries now so you don’t lose your focus later when things get more intense—this new development can be truly compelling, but only if you make sure to take care of your own self first.

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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