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Weekly Astro: Transformation through Transcendence! September 2nd – 9th, 2019

Celia Sagastume in SF

September 2nd – 9th, 2019

Virgo planets trine the benefics: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all activated this week through Venus and Mercury. Many shifts in relationships are possible through communication and insight. Inspiration comes from the transcendental planets that represent our connection to the universe beyond our own solar system. We hear the call to change and strive for more beyond our current capacity. Can those in our lives support our inspiration?

Aries (0:49)
You really must be doing you and only you this week, baby. Only working on yourself, trusting your instinct, being fierce with that judgement, and privileging your time over any other will do. This is your time to revitalize your energy and rehabilitate your presence: are you really going to let anyone take that from you?

Breathe deeply into your body and pull up the doubt, the anxiety, the worry, and the fear that you have within you. Allow those emotions to turn into thoughts: what’s driving this train right now? Are you centered, calm, and trusting in your capacity to manifest your desired future? Wherever there are people whispering doubts into your ear, push them out. Wherever you are exerting too much energy into someone else’s plan, redirect. You are the master of this ship, and it’s up to you to steer it. 

Taurus (1:35)
Endeavor to open up the channels of communication and reciprocity this week dear Taurus, as there is much available to you in the form of gifts from new and pleasant strangers. While I know it’s not your favorite, letting someone new in this week will prove very beneficial to your commitment to healing your own self and the community you participate in. 

Allow this new inspiration to guide you towards a new way of looking at things—perhaps even a new class to take or teacher to follow. What resonates with your body and spirit now will inspire changes in your daily practice and output. Take a risk and try a new adventure into a yet unknown practice. This may become your new calling, or at the very least add to your practice. 

Gemini (2:12)
How is your heart? Does the beat of your drum match the slow cadence of your steps, a path forged through the wilderness of your thoughts? Remember the pull of the Earth under your feet, keeping you steady on the ground. Remember those that came before you, who fought through lifetimes so you could be the one standing in this moment in time. 

You are not alone, and you come from a line of people dedicated to the healing work you are in doing in this moment. You will receive a message from those that protect you and are guiding your passage. Keep track of your dreams this week in order to fully understand the path you are on and double the trust with which you must continue. 

Cancer (3:16)
You need to seek contact with those outside your circle in order to receive the inspiration and guidance you are looking for in this moment, dear Cancer. While you are committed to a course of action, the exact steps that will deliver you to the intended outcome are unclear. You have not yet encountered the exact idea that will move you to act. 

But it is out there this week, and it is within your power to focus your vision and see exactly what it is you wish to be. A new connection made at the beginning of the week can open a door to a path that will feel right and true. Allow the opportunity to unfold in front of you, as you take this next step with trust in the power of your determination. This is your time to harness the future you wish to see.

Leo (4:05)
What skills do you want to transform into sources of income and resources for you, dear Leo? Because now is the time to focus on what you want to generate—and in what way you will be generating it. 

You have the opportunity to take something you’re good at – something you love – and turn it into a passion for transformation of your daily life right now. Take full stock of yourself and what you have to offer and learn to appraise yourself correctly. You will not be able to call in the resources you seek until you see yourself as fully deserving of the future you desire. Work on it this week. 

Virgo (5:03)
For your birthday season, I have one wish: get out of town. Do the best you can during this time to get a fresh view, revitalize your spirit, and bring in some new inspiration from beyond your usual scope. The wider you cast your net, the more likely you are to receive exactly the type of message that can totally shift your world right now.

For those of you who are seeking inspiration, you may find it in a new connection, especially on September 6, 2019 when Venus in your first house makes contact with Neptune in the 7th. This is a connection that may light up many fields of experience and help you turn the corner on some stagnant energy. The most important thing to remember this week is that you are getting lit up from the inside out: let this energy shine down on your being and loosen up some of those old patterns. You are due for a change.

Libra (5:56)
There are beautiful dreamscapes and vibrant downloads from the universe available to you now, dear Libra. All you have to do is tune in. Make sure to write down your dreams in the morning as soon as you wake up and reflect on them later in the day when your mind is present and able to process the images at hand. 

If you have been deliberating on how to nurture your well-being or give yourself more loving care and support, you should get a message from your ancestors this week on how to do it. Take special care if you have been expecting others around you to meet your needs: it is up to you to satisfy your calling. 

Scorpio (7:00)
I can feel you setting some new boundaries in your social space, making more time for you creative process, and trusting your ability to communicate effectively this week as you make these changes, Scorpio. You have the ability to define a higher purpose this week, one inspired by the love in your life and the strong connections you have forged. 

In order to make space for the projects you want to accomplish now, you’ll have to retreat from some of our commitments. It’s just a momentary pause in certain relationship expectations as you figure your life out. Take it and take the time to notice the opportunities that are burgeoning just beneath the surface. 

Sagittarius (7:52)
Remember how your grandparents worked: slowly, thoughtfully, and with patience. Remember how your body responds to feeling rushed: agitated, anxious, and hesitant. You are the beautiful stallion of inspired energy running across the solar system’s rings. You know how to connect the dots between vastly different forms of knowledge and unite them in synthesis of future inspiration.

But: you can only do this when you are centered, supported, and ready to take the leap. Remember to structure your time around your own healing. Recognize the ways in which your heart likes to be held. Allow yourself to take a pause in breath before you spring forward. You will go much farther for much longer given the proper impulse for grounding. 

Capricorn (9:11)
You are establishing yourself in a new place, with new time, and in renewed pace. The change in scenery allows you to expand your sense of self into new forms, creating new imagery and imagination where before there was stagnation and grief. You can let go of the patterns that have been inscribed into time now. You are allowed to breathe in new energy and breathe out old pain. 

You have a generous helping of love and support from your neighbors, close friends, siblings, and compas. Whenever you feel alone or in doubt, call upon those that witness your transformation and hold your struggle. Remember that well from which your inspiration springs is deeply rooted in the wealth of your ancestral knowing. You are connected to those who have come before you so intimately this week. Reach out to them when you need a reminder of the importance of your journey.

Aquarius (10:30)
In order to gain something new and open up a door, there must be things you lose and leave at the entrance. You are stepping into a new chapter in life: a phase guided by your growing awareness of self— the things you value, the things that resonate, and the things that feel like home. 

Calling in resonance, you let go of the forms that have felt empty. Calling in integrity, you let go of actions that do not serve your highest vision. Calling in trust, you let go of the fear around the choices you are making that align with your heart’s purpose. 

Pisces (11:40)
It might feel like everything is out of your hands this week, as loved ones, co-workers, collaborators, and enemies rule the sphere of your week. For you, there is heavy emphasis on the transformative power of relating. Not relationships built out of romance, idealism, imagery, and dreams, but of living real connections, with all the repercussions, consequences, and energy contained within. 

You might feel like escaping the earthly realm into the dream patters of your mind is the only recourse for safety and peace this week, but you would be wrong. Within every connection lives the lesson that you yourself have called in by inviting the relationship. Each and every person in your life is serving a purpose: the realization of your own true self. Accept the discomfort that comes with the mirror. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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