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The Fight Over Immigration Goes Digital

Sara Mora

From gun control to climate change, activists making an impact seem to be getting younger and younger. As DACA takes center stage in Washington, undocumented activist, Sara Mora, is on the front line.

This week the Supreme Court heard oral arguments to decide if the Trump Administration has the authority to end DACA. 700,000 people await a life-altering decision that is completely out of their hands. When Donald Trump terminated DACA in September 2017, Mora, then 17, stepped out of the shadows to become one of the leading voices of her generation, leveraging her online platform for activism.

Sara’s mission has reached the halls of Harvard, where she recently spoke at the National Impact Summit, the debate stages of CNN and Telemundo and won audiences with ambassadors.

This week, she launched several online campaigns to ensure the plight of immigrants nationwide got beyond being a ‘trending topic’ and received the platform it deserved. She did so by covering all aspects of the undocumented community, ensuring that TPS holders, refugees, separated families at the border, and those who are fully undocumented each had their voice heard.

Miss Sara Mora + #FORUSBYUS

If you are in D.C., please join Sara for a well-deserved cocktail. She’ll be hosting a party Friday, November 15 at Living Room D.C. at 10 PM until late. All proceeds will be donated to support the legal fees of migrant families.

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Miss Sara Mora + Lucha #ThisisOURTestimony

If you’re feeling digitally savvy try posting a #ThisisOURtestimony video and sharing it with Sara on IG. She and her partners will be reposting anyone who would like to participate. All are welcome!

Jessica Hoppe

Jessica Hoppe is a New York-based writer and social media strategist who founded her blog, Nueva Yorka, in 2015. She has been featured in Vogue, Yahoo, HuffPost, PopSugar, Who What Wear, Ravishly and worked as Lifestyle Editor for StyleCaster. Jessica has been passionate about writing, diversity and Latin American culture from an early age. Having grown up in a Spanish speaking home, her father is Ecuadorian and her mother is from Honduras.

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