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Texas Dems Say “Let People Vote!”

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Another fight has begun over making it easy for people to vote. Mobile polling places are often set up so people can vote early, and are often at or near college campuses. This makes it easier for students and others with limited transportation to vote. In Texas, a Republican-backed bill was passed that may end up eliminating some or all of these polling places.

The bill, H.B. 1888, says that polling places need to be open for the entirety of the polling period. They also say that having these pop-up voting sites in some areas and not others counts as targeting selected voters and giving them an advantage that others do not get. So, instead of spending some dough to create more pop up voting sites, which would be a good thing, the bill will likely take away many of the sites, as there isn’t money budgeted to stay up for the whole period, and they aren’t about to change that.

These sites helped create a 234% increase in voting between 2014 and 2018 according to the Texas Secretary of State’s office. More young voters, and more voters period, seems to be a bad thing to the Republican Party, as evidenced by their nationwide efforts to prevent many people from voting.

Dems are challenging the bill in Federal Court and are asking a judge to block it. They say that mobile polling is necessary to ensure that more people are able to exercise their right to vote.


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