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Bernie Sanders Hospitalized, Raises Concerns on Health Amidst Campaign

MADISON, WI/USA - July 1, 2015: U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I -Vermont) speaks at a presidential campaign rally in Madison, Wisconsin front of a crowd of over 10,000 people. - Image

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital on Wednesday due to a blocked artery and has canceled public engagements for the rest of the week. The 78 year-old Senator, who is now in full recovery, used his hospital visit as means to promote his political slogan, “Medicare for All!”.

Seniority in age, however, seems to be a threading commonality between all the leading candidates between both competing political parties. Former VP Joe Biden is 76; Senator Elizabeth Warren is 70; and President Trump himself is 73.

Age has proven to be a contributing factor to the success of presidential campaigns as The New York Times finds it is unclear whether health and age can help candidates attract new and younger voters; their article cited a Pew survey showing voters’s uncertainty towards presidential candidates who are in their 70’s.

The youngest president to ever be elected in U.S. history was John F. Kennedy at 43 years, while the oldest was Ronald Reagan, who was sworn into office at the age of 73.


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