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PG&E Leaves Californians Powerless… Again

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Less than three weeks after California’s first blackout, PG&E is issuing Blackout Round 2.

The second power outage started last night and is set to last until later this afternoon to prevent potential sparks of wildfire. The current climate – warm temperatures, high winds, and low humidity – makes the perfect conditions for any kind of fire to ignite, which poses high threats to residential and commercial areas within the threatened regions.

CNN reports around 179,000 people in Northern California have already been affected by the loss of power. PG&E’s decision to shut electricity down may have been executed with good intent, but it came with heavy public criticism and outcry. The companies’ actions have affected a wide range of daily activities, from work, home, schools, supermarkets, traffic, and beyond.

PG&E assures Californians that the high winds in areas including Sierra Foothills, North Bay and San Mateo County will die down by late Thursday afternoon, while winds in Kern County will subside by Friday afternoon.

For more information on what you can do during a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS), visit PG&E’s website here.

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