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NFL Games Of The Week!

Dak Prescott and Dez Bryany of the Dallas Cowboys

There are some great looking games this week in the NFL. There’s top team matchups that will create some great battles. A lot of these are for division leads, so expect these to be throwdowns!

Raiders vs Jets 10 PST / 1 EST

Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders are hoping to tie the Kansas City Chiefs for first play in their division. The Chiefs are on a bye week, which means if Oakland wins, they are automatically tied for first. The Jets are not doing so great this year, but look for them to put up a good challenge for the Raiders, who are certainly not a lock in this game. Weather will play a big part in this, as the Jets are hosting in New Jersey. Oakland won’t have that Cali sun to keep them warm!

Seahawks vs Eagles 10 PST / 1 EST

The Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles are both fighting first place in their respective divisions. They play each other in the early slot on Sunday.  Russell Wilson and Seattle have one of the best offenses, while Fletcher Cox and the Eagles have fantastic defense. I think Seattle takes this, but if Philly can shut Wilson down, they’ll have a chance to catch up to the Cowboys.

Cowboys vs Patriots 1:25 PST / 4:25 EST

Speaking of the Dallas Cowboys, they are trying to hold onto first place over the Eagles, but they have to face Tom Brady and the Patriots this week. Once again, the Patriots are one of the top teams in the league, if not the best. But the Cowboys are on fire. Dak Prescott is leading his #1 offense against the Patriots #1 defense.  I think the Cowboys might steal one here, but it’s hard to bet against New England.

Packers vs 49ers 5:20 PST / 8:20 EST

In another top team matchup, the Green Bay Packers take on the surprising 49ers in the Sunday night game. Both teams are barely holding on to 1st place. The Packers are trying to outrun the Vikings, while San Francisco is being chased by the Seahawks. By the time they play, the Niners will know if Seattle won, but don’t look for that to make any difference.  This team’s offense and defense is incredible this year, and with their recent loss to the Seahawks, and the close win last week, I think their intensity gets them the win at home.

Finally, we just need to acknowledge the crazy Thursday game, which pitted the Houston Texans against the Indianapolis Colts, who were tied with each other for first in their division!  The Texans got the win, but not without some controversy! The NFL needs to work on the officiating, it’s getting out of control!

Alright, enjoy the games this week!  Let us know who your team is, and what games you are excited for.


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