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Latinxs & Views of Trump’s Impeachment

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 13, 2019: Protesters gather at the Wilshire Federal Building demanding Preisident Trump be impeached. - Image

The last three years have been some the roughest years in the American history. Political discord has emerged over very simple humanitarian, civil and legal principles: the right for families to stay together, non-intervention in US affairs, and the right for people of color to be treated respectfully. The impeachment of President Trump has further divided the country into two major blocks – those opposing and those favoring it. Although Latinxs predominantly support the impeachment inquiry to go forward, a fifth of Latinxs still approve President Trump. As the impeachment inquiry advances, opinion towards impeachment grows slowly.

A recent Wall Street Journal / NBC News poll conducted in October shows that 55% of Americans believe that Congress should continue taking on the investigation over foreign interference. The percentage of Latinxs answering this poll was 11%. Compared to a March poll where 44% of the population believed that Congress should pursue an impeachment inquiry, the September poll marks a shift reflecting that Americans have grown to believe that they have a right to know the dealings and conduct of their president. This same poll indicates that 78% of Republicans believe that these are “more of the same politically motivated attacks.” Another poll from NBC News conducted on October shows that only 9% of Republicans support impeachment, of which 23% are Latinxs.

The whistleblower complaint from August exposed that President Trump pressured Ukrainian President on a phone call to investigate Hunter Biden and his potential election rival Joe Biden. President Trump requested information in exchange of key military support, with the de facto withhold of military aid to Ukraine. According to US Code 30121, it is unlawful that a foreign national contributes with money or an item of value to favor a candidate. Not only is the president being investigated for violating the “Foreign Emoluments Clause,” but also for the alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign, obstruction of justice, and accusations over the relation between the Presidency and White Nationalist groups.

Source: Latino Decisions & NorthStar Opinion.

A September poll directed to Latinxs was conducted by Latino Decision with Univision accurately mirrors Latinxs perspectives. 78% of the Latinos interviewed disapprove Trump’s performance, while 73% of them plan to vote for a Democratic nominee. This contrasts a 16% of Latinxs supporting President Trump. An earlier poll conducted in June showed that 75% of Latinxs disapproved of the president’s job, revealing that the president’s approval has slowly decreased since the impeachment inquiry initiated.

Other polls slightly contradict the previous data obtained. A survey conducted by Quinnipac University in September exposes that 62% of Hispanic voters believe the president should be impeached, while 35% disagree. In contrast, African-Americans believe the president should be removed with a higher rate – an 88%. First, these differing numbers show the lack of consensus among Latinxs voters, but may also be due to the lack of accuracy in the research methods or the revelation of new findings. Second, a key reason for disagreement amongst Latinxs could be the Cuban/Venezuelan Latinx block that mainly vote Republican. Another reason yet could be the conservative culture of some Latinxs. For Alfonso Aguilar, conservative lead of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles believed that it was “inappropriate” for Trump to ask the Ukrainian President for support but does not regard it as unconstitutional.

Above all, Latinxs have become aware about the importance of the 2020 election – 73% of those said that it is more important to vote at the 2020 presidential election compared to the 2016 one. Latinxs also feel threatened by white supremacist groups – 84% of them stated that white supremacist groups pose a threat to the United States today. 16% of Latinxs still approve Trump. These numbers show that independent and some conservative voting Latinxs are aware that they are now the target of White nationalists. Latino Independent and moderate Republican support could be swayed to both supporting the impeachment inquiry and for Democratic presidential nominee. To coalesce Latinxs together, positive messaging can be useful like those ushered by the Bernie Sanders’ Latino outreach campaign led by Chuck Rocha. Rocha’s methods have been successful as Sanders registered a 67% support during a pre-debate poll in September, 3 points above Biden and an 8-point increase compared to post-June’s debate.

Latinxs views matter tremendously in these elections as the block constitutes 12% of voting Americans. The presidential ticket is now even more priced in these elections. It can mean losing a family member, the opportunity of remaining in the US despite being a Veteran, or losing the US citizenship. Pero, ¡pa’lante! We can make a difference by voting so we can keep our families together. ¡Sí se puede!

To see a list of sources used for this article, click here.

Erika Hernandez

Erika Hernandez is a frequent columnist of immigration, Latino and political issues. She’s a travel junkie and culture lover. Erika has had brief conversations with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, presidential nominee Marianne Williamson, and worked directly with Mexico’s former Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Castañeda. Erika’s mission is to support those in disadvantage and serve as a source of positive change.

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