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Horoscopo: December 9th – 15th — Don’t Get Distracted

Celia Sagastume in SF

After a sleepy start to December, we go full throttle. The Full moon in Gemini is the last of the year, bringing with it opportunity, imagination, and vision. Heart centered action in alignment with your long term goals is the aim of the game here, as you try to balance opportunity with decisive action. Which avenue you choose, and what relationships you choose to center have a strong impact on future endeavors. So don’t get distracted.

Dates To Watch:


You asked for more and now you got more—but can you handle the impact? And more importantly, can your relationships energize your drive? Your focus is going to be on output this week, Aries. Like a finely tuned machine ready to spring forward, you are being asked to concentrate your energy into the single vision you’ve been crafting for your future. This isn’t the time to put in the resume’s, go to the interviews, and try to get that job within the institution— this is the time to focus on your creative project. The one that is for you and you alone. 

Someone this week that will inspire you to soar beyond the boundaries of what you considered possible. If you’re looking for a romantic connection, this may be it. If you’re not, this may be a collaborative partner that will push you to think outside the limits. 


You are at the precipice of discovering a new level of understanding about yourself, your loved ones, and your place within the reality we are creating together. Through the connections you have established in your life now, you are able to understand the deeper rhythms of who you are, what chapter in your life is currently unfolding, and to what destiny you are headed. Make it one that centers your living heart— make meaning out of the love that you share with those you cherish. 

We are surrounded in this world by the logic and cold analytics of an empirical science that has divorced us from all visions of interconnectivity. Don’t let this doctrine convince you that your work here is futile. Redefine your destiny in the terms of the enlightenment you have been given by those you choose to hold dear. 


What’s the verdict on the connections you have built this year? Have you created relationships that serve to bring meaning, enlighten your vision, and bring renewed wealth to your life? Or have you realized the pitfalls and dangers of certain business partnerships and collaborations, enduring the wrath of increasing debts, failed ventures, and disastrous loss of love? 

Your attention now turns to the fruit or consequences of the relationships you have strengthened, as well as those that have been lost. Certain people can bring fortune, while others bring pain. What have you reaped this year? Pay attention to what your connections bring.


The challenge of this time for you is to create a sense of trust in facing the changing circumstances of this world and the courage to accept the changes you are facing now. If you established a relationship on the hope that it would not change over time, you will find it ending now. If you are looking for new people to connect with who will give you stability and comfort over challenge and agency, then you will also be disappointed.

You are being asked to embrace the change of this world with an open heart. It is not the time to clam up your shell and hope it will pass— this is your moment of inner transformation. Accept it as the energetic work you must do now in order to grow past the stagnation you’ve been facing. 


The crisis has reached a boiling point— something’s got to give. A new orientation towards life is necessary in order to get you some breathing room for the coming year. There have been difficult experiences, painful situations, and disappointing realizations made in the last year. But now we look towards the new one together, and you need to make space for what the future can bring. 

Free up some of your time now so you can reorganize and reorient your direction. You want to do things in a new way, so you don’t repeat the patterns of the past. The only way to accomplish this is intentionally, with practice and focus. 


There is pressure now, heavy focus on self-actualization, and the feeling that if you don’t start working on your creative output now, you might never do it. You have the opportunity to cast off the shell of your own making— the belief that you’re not the right person for the job, that you cannot take the risk of casting yourself into the unknown, the fear of exposing the soft mushy center to the harsh world of your own making. But you need to generate the courage and take the risk.

You hear that voice deep inside of you that says you’re better than this— better than the routine, the humdrum, and the failed relationships. Center it. But instead of projecting out towards others, criticizing and judging, turn it inwards. Focus and create. Invite the new without fear. 


You reinvent yourself from the roots up, pulling from what gives you life, hope, and inspiration instead of settling for the safety and comfort of what is known. Take what you want to be yours. Leave behind all that has been given to you to carry that you no longer wish to keep. We are all given certain emotional patterns and baggage by those that came before us and we carry it, like it’s our own work to bear.

But now you are being given the freedom to to drop the bag. You can define your own sense of home now, the work that you’re here to do, and the people you want to do it with. Instead of letting others chose it for you, define it on your own. 


When getting accustomed to a new environment, personal adjustments need to be made in order to fit in to the new expectations, new people, and new situations that arise. The responsibility of personal adjustment may feel heavy this week, as trying to decide who to listen to and what changes to make cause frustration and discomfort. But in the fires of this challenge you will form the vision of the you that will rise to the difficulty of this moment. 

Look to the people in your life right now that embody the type of energy you want to bring to this moment. It is up to you to adapt instead of deny the current situation, and rise to the level of the environment you want to be in.


You’ve been going about the search for a new form of expression the wrong way. You’ve taken the same steps, tried and true, of everyone who came before you. And yet, here you are, dissatisfied with your current situation, yearning for more freedom, and at the same time, more support for your vision. But what vision is that exactly? 

In order to truly thrive, you need to have a full and honest appreciation of what you’re actually capable of. Are you truly a foot soldier for someone else’s talent? Do you truly want to walk down the same track that’s already been laid out by someone before you? Now is the time to choose a different path. One that is entirely your own. 


Now is your time to choose— given the crisis that has presented itself this year— will you rise to the occasion and let the circumstance of the moment guide you towards a new endeavor? It is within your power now to reinvent yourself in a new image, one that incorporates the light of day and the darkness of night. The new age is not for those that pretend to be happy and find fulfillment in every empty moment— it is for those that dare to integrate their full beings in every moment and speak the truth that arises through their cognition. 

Dare to embrace the power surging from your will in this moment— from this crises you rise. Break free of the patterns that have kept you controlled, stagnant, and quiet. You have been adequately challenged now. Choose yourself above all others. 


The consequences of your actions knock at your door now, and you have no one to blame but yourself. Now is the time to reconcile what you have done, said, and shared with the dilemma you face. Don’t blame anyone else for your current frustration to lack of stimuli— you are being held in a holding pattern until you learn to understand the ramifications of your energy.

In any environment, when you introduce a new concept, the equal but opposite form also arises. The universe demands balance. And in this moment, you are learning the true meaning of balance for action in your life. Accept that you are in a problem of your own making in order to find the way out. 


If you are the creator of your future, what do need to change in this moment in order to accept that responsibility? You have a feeling that you are important— that your life is not just a mere exercise of atoms and cells animated across space time until your dying breath. But how do you manifest that importance? 

Through likes and shares, large networks and social capital? Or through true agent change of being, an acceptance of the responsibility that every human being faces at one point or another— do you take your life into your own hands, or do you let others define it for you? 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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