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Halloween HorrorScope: Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is sure to bring up ghosts of the past in order to reconcile the present with your past self. Within each of us are memories we have yet to let go, pain we are afraid of experiencing, and limitations we self-impose in order to keep us safe. In Scorpio, the work of doing an inventory of the deepest, darkest stories of our past is necessary in order to free ourselves in the present. These ghosts will continue to haunt you until you resolve to let them go.

ARIES: The Ghost of Shame

Review the steps you have taken to arrive at the place you are at now. Where are your missteps? What have you done in the past that you’re afraid will damage the present situation? Don’t let your doubts overtake you and plunge you into the belief that you are alone, isolated, and unfit for human connection. Accept the responsibility of transforming the shame of the past into constructive steps in the present. Accountability means addressing your past mistakes by committing to a new course of action. Craft your path towards redemption.

TAURUS: The Ghost of Relationships’ Past

You are learning to balance your point of view with the needs of those around you. You may go over agreements you have made in your relationships as you strive to arrive at a compromise that will fulfill you both. It may be a frustrating time where you are asked to listen to others’ opinion more than you have in the past. Your connections will be stronger when you listen without judgement or critique. Everyone is striving to uncover and understand their own truth—don’t interject with your own.

GEMINI: The Ghoul of Overwhelming Commitments

Are you doing a good job at life, or are you falling short of everyone’s expectations? You may be highly nervous now as you review every single reaction to your work for clues as to how you’re progressing. You can’t possibly make everyone happy, and you can’t possibly achieve every goal you have set for yourself if you cram them all into every single day and try to work on ten things at once. You’re doing just fine—and the one who really needs convincing right now is yourself. Why are you holding yourself to such an impossibly high standard?

CANCER: The Ghost of Avoidant Attachment

 There is a backlog of ideas you’ve pitched and projects you’ve started that creep back up now and kick your butt into action—or is it overwhelm? Trying to get too many balls rolling at once will only lead to exhaustion and burn out. Take care of yourself! You’re more than the goals you set and the ideas you have. You are living in the present moment and must accept where you are at before being able to build on it. Don’t rush into another project just so you can ignore the problems in your personal life. You’re headed towards burnout. 

LEO: The Ghoul of Projection

Are you blaming the old ball and chain for your troubles, Leo? Your perceived responsibilities to your family, partner, and home situation have got you feeling weighed down by their incessant needs and demands on your time. But notice what I did there—I said perceived.You’re being way more cautious about our time right now and way more hesitant to go out into the world and encounter any more pain. It’s been a rough year and you’re playing your cards close—too close. Don’t blame your chosen fam for your troubles. Talk about what you’re afraid of, and work through it. You need fresh air and sunshine, and you’re the only one holding yourself back. 

VIRGO: The Ghoul of Meekness

There is no perfect way to express what is in your head and make sure that other people understand it exactly perfectly. We have not developed the ability to share thoughts on the mental plane, so we must use rudimentary spoken language and written words to convey what we think. This means there will be errors in translation, and there will be multiple interpretations. Every single person is living their own reality and will bring their own thoughts to the table. You can’t control it. So stop trying. Say what you need to say and clarify as needed. They will never see the things in exactly the same you do. 

LIBRA: The Ghoul of Egoism

But do they recognize how brilliant, talented, beautiful and unique you are though? And if so, are they expressing their appreciation appropriately? I have a feeling nothing will feel satisfying now, if you set the bar too high and set your expectations to the max. Be careful of expressing your dissatisfaction through passive aggressive text messages and snarky remarks. You may be feeling like you deserve way more than you’re getting now but trying to make it happen by being a jerk won’t help you get your way. Or your due. Figure out what you actually need right now in order to feel adequately compensated for your time and effort. Then ask for it. Directly.

SCORPIO: The Ghoul of Impatience

You’re rushing to get to the brilliant endpoint of the journey- true enlightenment, true expression and true connection with your higher self. You want to reach the next level of your expression, and you want to do it right now. But this hyper focus on your single-minded goal is causing you large and unnecessary amounts of grief and disappointment as you rush into the next meditation circle and energy reading only to find you’re still the same Scorpio as before. Progress doesn’t always happen in linear time, and especially not when you push yourself further than you’re ready for. Slow down and accept where you’re at. Get comfortable. 

SAGITTARIUS: The Ghost of Introspection

The party is too overwhelming, talking to others too exhausting, and going out too difficult during this time—all you have the energy and mood for is study, review, and relaxation. Every new piece of information is examined, thought over, re-examined, and reviewed. You’re curious now about the how and why of everything that has played out—looking at all your old friends’ Instagram feeds dating back to 2010, thinking about that old ex from 2008, reviewing what you said to your boss in January. How did every single decision lead you back here? You won’t know. But you’ll try you hardest to find out. 

CAPRICORN: The Ghoul of Emotional Ghosting

You like people, in theory, and you like human progress, in theory. But it’s hard to make real connections now, and it’s hard to work on the internal problems rising to the surface now and rearing their ugly heads. You’d rather focus on new ideas, new theories, new projects, and new applications for your work than anything personal, close to home, or in your heart. But you know that’s where your next steps lie—not out there, in the world of ideas, but in here, in this heart of yours that needs healing and undivided attention. You may only allow yourself a day to feel all of the things surfacing now about relationships lost and people that you miss but take it. You’re only working at half speed when you leave a part of you in the dark.

AQUARIUS: The Ghoul of Impossible Standards

Living up to your own expectations is the struggle now, as you compare where you are right now to where you thought you’d be by now and find you come up short. Instead of setting new expectations that you’ll hold against yourself later, recognize how far you’ve come. You may not have reached the exact position you thought you’d be at by now, but you can’t criticize yourself into becoming the idea of success you have in mind. Change your perspective instead of your effort. You don’t need to work harder, you need to work smarter. Try on a vision of inner fulfilment instead of seeking external validation. 

PISCES: The Ghost of Oblivion

 Is the piece of information valuable, or is it an inconsequential detail that can be looked over and dismissed? You’ll have a great deal of difficulty in deciding now what is important and what can be let go, as things that seem trivial matter immensely, while important feedback you get from others may have very little sway. You seek freedom—freedom to think, freedom to create, freedom to express—but once you find the time you have very little direction or idea of what to do with it. You need focus—pick a direction and stick to it. Pick one avenue of your life that you’d like to renovate and then work on it for the next month until December 9th. Don’t waver, and don’t try to do more. Stay in your lane.  

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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