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Global Climate March: Hope for Our Planet

Huge group of youth protesters for climate change action

Millions of people around the globe took to the streets on Friday. Their goal was to encourage action on the growing problem of global climate change. A huge number of these marchers were students, and rightfully so. They will be on this planet longer than many others, and will have to live with the terrible effects wrought by modern business and governments. Click through the images on the IG post below to see marches and gatherings from around the world

Click through to see images from around the world

We salute and stand with everyone who marched, and the schools and businesses that supported them . Many schools excused student absences so they could join the march without fear of punishment. Really that is the human thing to do in this situation, and any schools who did not do this, SHAME ON YOU. Many Amazon workers also walked out today. The company has been under a lot of pressure, both internally and externally, to not use gas vehicles for deliveries. They have ordered 100,000 electric vans, but they do not go into action until sometime in 2021. The company says they emitted 44 million metric tons of of carbon dioxide. This is an astronomical number for a business. Those vans can’t come soon enough.

This is a worldwide movement

We are excited to see the worldwide unity surrounding this extremely urgent problem. Change has to happen IMMEDIATELY if we want to avoid catastrophe in the next 20 years. While business and governments need to change their ways, practices, and policies, WE can make changes within our own homes and communities. Remember that REDUCE comes before Reuse and Recycle. Start with reducing your garbage, your single use items, your driving and other pollution creating habits.

What else can you do? VOTE! Get involved by voting, and get involved in your community practices. You can influence policy in your community and local government that can positiviely affect pollution. Help encourage recycling programs and standards. Help make sure companies are reducing their garbage that ends up in your landfills and waterways. It only takes a few voices and a little action to get an idea rolling.

Keep up the good fight. Below is our video from Friday’s march in SF, and a couple of inspirational posts to keep you motivated!

Don’t ever think you are too small to speak up and speak out.

Art can go a long way in inspiring change in people.


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