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Fight For Earth: Peru Bans Palm Oil Deforestation

Aerial shot of forest with "SOS" carved out

You may not have heard of palm oil, but you have definitely eaten it or used it on your body. It is in tons of food products, like breads, ice cream, and instant noodles. It’s found in household things like shampoo, soap, and skincare products. Unfortunately, it also accounts for a lot of deforestation.

Valuable tropical jungles are consistently burned or chopped down to clear land for palm oil farms. Animals, plants, and insects are all swept aside so farmers can grow this now ubiquitous crop. Because of this decades long practice, some animals have been moved to the endangered species list! But people are fighting back and making great change.

Sociedad Peruana de Ecodesarrollo is the local partner of the National Wildlife Federation. They have worked with the Peruvian Palm Oil Producers Association and the Peruvian government to end palm oil deforestation by 2021! Not only will this help curb the environmental damage done to the forests, but it will also help slow negative climate change effects. We need forests to clean the air we breath!

Congratulations to all involved. Check out your local environmental organizations to see how you can bring positivity to the planet.


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