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#EcoTuesday: Greener Gifting

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Whatsup y’all! It’s #EcoTuesday and we are in full holiday mode! The season of giving is here, and we have some tips for you to help reduce your impact on the environment while still giving dope gifts.

Shop IRL instead of from your keyboard

Hitting up real stores can reduce large truck pollution, plastic packaging, and single use cardboard. Currently there is a ton of cardboard that isn’t able to be recycled, due to the abundance of it. We just can’t keep up. And those plastic air puff packing materials often can’t be recycled. So, hit up some stores in person! You might find more special gifts by shopping in person, and maybe even something cool for yourself.

Look for unique gifts instead of mass produced items

One-off or small supply gifts are often higher quality and will last longer. This means it won’t turn into trash after 6 months. Plus the recipient will appreciate the specialness of it. You will also likely help your local economy, as these kinds of gifts can be found at smaller stores as opposed to nationwide retailers.

Steer clear of electronics

Many electronics these days are not made to last, have a ton of plastic, and are difficult to recycle. Pick out something that doesn’t plug in or need a battery.

Give homemade baked goods or candies

Baking is a great way to give something thoughtful that won’t turn into trash (unless you really suck at baking, but even then, go for it!) Think of your favorite dessert, or bread, or whatever, and make a bunch of them to give to your loved ones.

Make your favorite snacks or sweets for gifts
Skip the card and have a nice phone call instead

Call up your friends and tell them what they mean to you. Tell them how they have improved your world and how they made you happy this year. Holiday cards can be very thoughtful, but they often end up in the trash. Words can have a way bigger impact on your friends and family, so give that a shot instead!

Wrap gifts in recycled materials

Not everything needs glossy wrapping paper. Use old grocery bags (draw on them!), burlap bags, or other saved  materials to give your gift a unique look. A stylish piece of fabric can be great packaging that your friend can then reuse for something else.

Reusable wrapping can look fantastic!

How do you keep the trash low during the holidays? It can be tough, so share your tips with us! 

Happy Holidays!


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