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Celebrate Your Artistic Talent with #Inktober

the image of hand spotted with ink for inktober movement - Image

Are you passionate about drawing? If so, flex your skills for #Inktober! It’s a month-long challenge pioneered by artist Jake Parker to celebrate and inspire artistic talents around the world. Artists are encouraged to share their works of art online while using the hashtag #inktober and #inktober2019.

Inktober started out as just an online trend, but has also expanded to actual events that are hosted in the following cities later this month, including an Inking tutorial in Scottsdale, AZ and book signing with Jake Parker himself at the New York Comic Con this weekend. For full information on how Inktober works, head to inktober.com.

As the website states, “Anyone can do Inktober. Just pick up a pen and start drawing.” Happy sketching, everyone!


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