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Brazil Approves Medical Marijuana, But There’s A Catch

Marijuana buds spilling of a prescription container

Brazil is legalizing the use of medical marijuana, which is great for Brazilians with all kinds of ailments. However they won’t allow companies to grow in Brazil, which is kind of odd considering how much raw material (buds and flower) they will have to import. 

In around 90 days, the new rules will go into effect. These will regulate how much a patient can buy, including what kind of goods and dosage they can get. Hopefully they will allow for easy and abundant access to pain relieving flower, foods, and oils.

In the same voting session that approved this, a vote to allow growing marijuana in Brazil was struck down. So medical marijuana can be imported, manufactured, bought and sold in the country, but the plants to create it all cannot be grown there. Brazil is missing a huge opportunity to add a big boom to it’s economy. Now, manufacturers or distributors will have to import from neighboring countries, giving them what will end up being millions of dollars that should be circulating inside the country instead.

Perhaps this will change in a near-future voting session.  We are excited that Brazilian patients can soon experience the benefits of marijuana without having to worry about fines or arrest.

Do you or your family members use marijuana for medical reasons?  Let us know!

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