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#BeaconTuesday: The Poor People’s Campaign

Stunning desert sight of Lukachukai valley, a Navajo land in Apache County, Arizona, USA, with many hills and shrubs, red sand and stones and a cloudy sky - Image

Here at LatinX, we take the issues affecting our communities to heart. From fighting climate change to sending aid to help families torn apart at the border, we want to encourage everyone to do their part and get motivated.

This week, we’re highlighting The Poor People’s Campaign. Right now, two of the world’s biggest mining companies want to mine Apache sacred lands just an hour east of Phoenix in Oak Flat, Arizona. If Congress doesn’t put a stop to it, they will be violating indigenous people’s rights and creating a toxic trash dump that will release airborne chemicals for miles around the site.

You can help by signing the petition and telling Congress you are against the immoral and unconstitutional seizure and sale of Oak Flat and you don’t want the site to be built as planned in 2020.


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