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#BeaconTuesday: Take Action Against Climate Change

Protestors holding signs for climate change

Here at LatinX, we take the issues affecting our communities to heart. From fighting climate change to sending aid to help families torn apart at the border, we want to encourage everyone to do their part and get motivated.

With all of the recent buzz around climate control, we want to highlight Sierra Club, the most enduring and influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.

Under the Obama Administration, the EPA introduced the Clean Power Plan which would have reduced carbon emissions from the electricity sector by 32 percent. The Trump Administration has announced its intention to scrap the Clean Power Plan and replace it with a rule that does virtually nothing to reduce these dangerous emissions.

Clean energy is winning nationwide, helping reduce the pollution that harms our climate, our air, and our water. We need to encourage the growth of our clean energy economy. The EPA will look for comments on its recent decision and we want to demonstrate that there is a large and loud movement that supports strong climate action like the Clean Power Plan. Take action by submitting a comment.


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  1. Julienne Dunnam December 12, 2019

    Did you hear who Time Magazine made person of the year? Its Greta Thunberg. I guess I should have seen that coming. I saw that Dana Perino predicted a while back this would happen. I think it’s great!


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