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#BeaconTuesday: Learn About Gerrymandering

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Here at LatinX, we take the issues affecting our communities to heart. From fighting climate change to sending aid to help families torn apart at the border, we want to encourage everyone to do their part and get motivated.

Today we are highlighting All On The Line, an organization that aims to end gerrymandering.


Gerrymandering is manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency so as to favor one party or class. Basically it is defining the boundaries of an area to ensure that a certain party gets a seat in government (like the House of Representatives.) From simple.wikipedia, “if we have Group A and Group B both trying to win in a district. Group A has 40 votes and Group B has 50. In another district Group A knows Group B will win for sure. Group A changes the voting district so that 11 votes are moved to the other district. Now they will win 40 votes to 39.”

With the 2020 Census coming, gerrymandering is something we need to pay even more attention to. Info from the Census could be used to redraw districts and allow votes to be manipulated.

Click the button to learn about the strategy behind gerrymandering and how the Census Citizenship question would have played into that.


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