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ACT Now Allows Students to Retake Portions of Exam

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For high schoolers anticipating taking the ACT exam or college, there are some good news. Starting next September, students will be allowed to retake portions of the exam that did not do well in the previous take. Unlike before where students had to retake the entire exam, this will save students a lot of time and money.

ACT’s chief commercial officer Suzana Delanghe says, “We’re introducing the flexibility of students to improve on the areas where they didn’t do so well. We believe that this will help a lot of students.”

The new decision came after the ACT board took in feedback from parents, students, and other higher-education officials. There were also questions if the change took place in response to the recent college admission scandals, but the company denies these rumors.

Students will still need to provide scores from one complete exam, while retake scores will serve as additional boosts to the overall score.

The ACT has also been considering offering online exams in which students can receive their results in two days as opposed to two weeks. Several select testing centers already offer such services, but nation-wide online availability has yet to come.

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