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“You Wanna Make a Deal?” SNL’s Government Shutdown Cold Open

Alec Baldwin as President Trump and Kenan Thompson as Steve Harvey playing Deal or No Deal on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live’s cold open hilariously tried to help out Congress and President Donald Trump this weekend by playing a game of “Deal or No Deal: Government shut down edition.” This skit features Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, as a contestant on “Deal or No Deal” trying to make a deal with different members from Congress who act as the briefcase models.

This is the first episode of SNL in the new year, and let’s just say that we’re glad it’s back! How else are we supposed to laugh in the midst of a government shutdown that is almost a month long? As Kenan Thompson dressed as Steve Harvey said, “Yeah, nobody’s excited about that…”

What do you think? Will this shutdown end before the SNL season finale? Let us know!


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