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Xbox Series X Announced

Xbox Series X console and controller on black background

The next generation of consoles has begun to surface! Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards on Dec 12. Peep the trailer below.

Known recently as Project Scarlett, the new console supports up to 8k resolution (future proofing!), as well as 60fps “with a possibility of up to 120fps.” A custom processor from AMD is the workhorse insid the machine. They’ve also migrated to SSD storage, which is pretty much standard hardware these days. Around 12GB of GDDR6 SDRAM will help the Series X execute and switch between tasks on the fly. You can read their full press release here.

The new controller will be backwards compatible (yay!) with Xbox One X/S, and will also work with PCs. They have been working on latency options for developers, who can dial in how much latency they want depending on their style of game. Fighting games need different timing than driving games or FPS.

Microsoft is playing smart, as all games on the current gen and Game Pass will be playable on the Series X, which is great news. These systems only last around 5 years, and it’s nice if we can remove the old one but still be able to play the games we love.

They also announced Hellblade II, which is presumably a launch title. Trailer is kinda creepy. Halo Infinite will also be a launch title. You will be able to play the Series X next holiday season. Start saving your dough now!


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