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Why “Someone Great” is Spot-On Latinx Representation

Gina Rodriguez with co-stars of Someone Great on yellow background

Netflix is finally putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to Latinx representation, and the latest comes in the form of Someone Greatsee what I did there? *wink*

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

The Gina Rodriguez-led romcom shows how that Latinx characters in film can be complex and funny. The story follows the journey of Jenny Young, a very successful and sometimes unhinged woman, that goes through a very intense breakup. The beauty of this character is that it doesn’t fall into any stereotype of representation, she’s not Gloria from Modern Family or Betty from Ugly Betty, she is a woman who’s going through a rough patch and embraces all the messiness that exists in her life.

Without giving too much away, we see Rodriguez popping molly, chugging mimosas, getting high with weed and having a real interesting conversation with Ru Paul as a way to deal with the debacles in her life. Interestingly enough, this type of introspection is usually what we see in lead white male characters. Thank god, times are changing.

With an impeccable soundtrack and a stellar cameo from a Latinx singer, Jessie Reyez, “Someone Great” proves that it’s about time that we have more inclusive stories where the plot doesn’t revolve around heritage or color but instead, shows a complex unapologetic woman who happens to be Latinx dealing with the nuances of life.

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