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Why Euphoria is more than a WTF Show

Two women touching foreheads

If you’ve been sleeping on Euphoria, don’t. You might have already read tweets claiming it’s devoid of substance and running off shock value. Sorry to break it down for you America, but it isn’t. This show is an accurate representation of what really happens in our (LGBTQ) community: drugs galore, using sex as a form of validation and anxiety all over the place.

The Zendaya-led show is set in suburban America and tackles issues like addiction, trans representation, toxic masculinity and teenage group sex. It’s like an R-rated, “13 Reason’s Why” with a better art direction, script and actors.

You’ll see on-screen erections, very graphic drug use and hear no-filter language, but the show is much more than those shenanigans. Make sure to catch it on HBO every Sunday at 10pm ET.

PS: If you were a McSteamy lover, you’ll be pleased to know he has a full frontal scene.


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