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Where In The World Will Gina Rodriguez Shine Next?

Gina Rodriguez promotes Carmen Sandiego on her Instagram

A lot of sad things happened this weekend (the continued government shutdown, bullying, gas explosion, the list goes on…) and among the simple, happy, nostalgic things that could’ve happened to distract from this sad, there was one that put a smile on our faces: The Netflix premiere of Carmen Sandiego!

After binge watching the whole season Saturday night, we’ve decided that Carmen may not be the thief we thought she was. See, “Black Sheep”, Carmen’s nickname at V.I.L.E., was raised by thieves. She thought she was going to be a thief but didn’t graduate or pass V.I.L.E’s training. Frustrated with the unfair result, she sneakily tagged along on the first mission her “class” goes on and discovers V.I.L.E. is evil. “They don’t only steal treasures, they steal people’s lives,” Carmen Sandiego.

So, it seems Carmen is not evil you guys. She only steals from thieves and donates what she makes from her “jobs” to charities – bravo Carmen, bravo.

This depiction of Carmen Sandiego makes us hopeful that our idol was actually doing good all along. She’s constantly on a mission and all her missions have a purpose; much like her voice over actress, Gina Rodriguez.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight for her new movie, “Miss Bala,” Gina and her co-star Anthony Mackie briefly discuss her leading role as Carmen Sandiego and Mackie takes the opportunity to praise her for the way she has taken it upon herself to create and chase good opportunities in Hollywood. She has shown us that it is possible to bring more minority, in this case, Latinx representation to Hollywood. See it here and get ready for an inevitable “that’s right” as you watch it.

What makes this particular accomplishment even more meaningful for Gina? Her idol, Rita Moreno, used to be Carmen Sandiego’s voice.

Gina has looked up to Rita Moreno for a long time. In 2015, she honored Moreno at the Kennedy Center Honors. Her words were inspirational and showed her admiration for a legendary Latinx figure in the industry.

Rodriguez quoted this conversation with her mom, “Mom, when did Puerto Ricans come about? What do you mean, Gina? I never see us on my favorite TV shows or movies, we must not have existed back then, right? And then she introduced me to you…”

Three years later, Rita responds and all we have to say is – where are the tissues?!

Some might say this role has brought Gina full circle. She is now playing her idol’s role. Wow. Although they already worked together on Jane the Virgin (a show produced by Rodriguez), having the honor to follow her footsteps must be surreal. Moreno even makes a guest appearance on Carmen Sandiego to give her criminal advice as well 😉

Now, where in the world will Gina Rodriguez set up her next project?

Our hope is she continues to create more opportunities for the Latinx community, both in the U.S. and Latin America. Did we mention her lingerie line, NAJA, creates jobs for single mothers in Colombia? No? Well, now you know.

Let’s continue to support our fellow Latinxers. Follow Gina’s projects and check out her line, NAJA. Let’s keep the love fest going people.

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  1. Fantasys June 14, 2019

    At a roundtable discussion in November, Gina stumbled through a speech about what she seemingly believed to be facts involving racial inequalities within the gender wage gap. Which really would have been fine if she just would have stopped before allowing the incorrect “fact” that black women get paid more to fall from her mouth. (A statistic that both ignores the intersections of race and ethnicity.) After already once saying that black actresses make more money than latina actresses, which whilst erasing black latinas as a whole, is also incorrect?—?a simple fact check could have told her that the highest paid tv actress is a nonblack latinx: Sofia Vergara .


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