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What We Have Learned From Watching Mexican Dynasties

Allende Family standing in a nicely furnished living room

In last night’s Mexican Dynasties finale, ‘Blood is Thicker than Tequila’, the families reunite and prove that Bravo’s eccentric yet family-friendly show is here to stay.

The season was an enjoyable one, but it was the Allende family who was clearly #winning the drama all season long. In fact, one of the biggest validators of the show was Riri, who not only has Love on the Brain but the Dynasties! And now that we have digested all ten episodes we are happy to report what we have learned from the cast.

  1. Being a part of a tripod with your parents is socially acceptable, but kind of creepy…achemm Adan.

2. If you wake up at 1pm daily, you can still be a millionaire…

3. You can still be best friends with your daughter, even though you fat shame her on the regular.

4. We all have cringe worthy dates, but its not easy finding love, especially when you book your first reality show.

5. The secret to Raquel Bessudo’s eternal youth is making children cry.

6. You can have a terrible voice and become a famous singer if you are a son of Fernando Allende.

7. Paulina and Oscar are as close as Jamie and Cersei Lannister, just without the sex – and we all know why they don’t do that.

8. Maids can make fun of their bosses on national television and keep their jobs. We hope!

9. What you look like the first time you use a bidet.

10. Hosting an S&M party is a family affair.

11. Beauty Queens is Mama Mari’s worst nightmare.

12. Fernando Allende is the real life version of Dustin Hoffman’s character in Meet the Fockers, Bernie Focker.

You can now binge watch all episodes of Mexican Dynasties on bravotv.com.


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