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Vision Board 2019: Dear Universe, Work With Us…

Colored LatinX Vision board 2019

Can you believe we’re already a month into 2019? Since the world has continued to give us bad, discomforting and some “Say what?” moments, at LatinX we decided to make a list of things we wish to see this year. To increase our chances, we summoned our old copy of The Secret. Here’s our vision board. Cross our fingers the law of attraction works with some of these – yes, Sandra, world peace. Check it out and please feel free to join in with your good wishes for the year.

LatinX Vision board 2019

Let’s hope for cool things this year. Universe work with us please!

Here’s our full list in case you need help making your own vision board at home. You can also print ours or DM us to get an original poster (oohh, ahhh, cool – yeah it is).

  • More travel vibes – “Been around the world and I I I,” sing it Mr. Sean Combs!
  • Slow fashion is back! No need for 52 seasons ppl…#GlobalWarmingIsNotATrend
  • Supreme Justices now say, “I like champurrado. I like coquito. I like tea.”
  • Royal baby will be born end of April/early May and spring will bloom because of it #HarryAndMeghanMakeUsSmile
  • Game of Thrones comes back this April for its final season. Are we ready?
  • Talking about shows, Selena, The Series is coming to Netflix. Please be everything we’re hoping it will be.
  • Lots of presidential candidates for the 2020 campaign. May we have the time to learn all their stories and what they stand for.
  • Maroon 5 has a great Super Bowl halftime show. Everyone in the stadium knows who they are 😉 (kidding JT).
  • Lots of music festivals: Partaayy here and escape here.
  • Wanderlust returns to make us Zen and fit? Get your yoga pants and chaturanga my friends.
  • Summer song? Not Baby Shark…Will it be by Bad Bunny, Los Walters, Selena Gomez, Cardi B?
  • World Series: May the best team win and no one fights. Play nice!
  • Hamilton becomes affordable.
  • More Cirque Du Soleil shows in Spanish, like “El Septimo Día” and “Luzia.”
  • Pop Up museum lines get shorter – too crowded (so many insta shoots going on these days).
  • We all sing “Hakuna Matata” this summer and become great friends #srsly.
  • Fremcrats? Friendly Republicans and Democrats please. Can we all just get along?
  • There’s no border wall.
  • There is a National Millennial Loteria event – Live. Imagine all the “Yaaasssss, millennial loteria!” across the country.
  • Women’s pay increases. Not in 20 something years.
  • More sustainable companies join the movement.
  • #VenezuelaGritaLibertad gains momentum.
  • Miss Congeniality says, “World Peace” and we couldn’t agree more.
  • In the animated movie genre, we hope Disney invites Danny Trejo for a lead role – no villains here 😉
  • Cardi B and AOC become #BFFS

How does this look so far? Think we can accomplish all of these with the law of attraction?

#TheSecret #VisionBoard2019



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