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Update: SGDQ 2019 Has Wrapped With $3 Million Raised!

Group Shot of Room cheering at Games Done Quick

Here’s a follow-up to our #SGDQ2019 story. These speedrunners raised $3M in one week! Prior to this event, $2.2 million was the average amount raised through speedrunning videogames 24/7, for one week. They blew that out of the water, thanks to the generosity of almost 50K donors around the world.

After hitting $1m on Thursday (the earliest ever), the $2 million mark was achieved at around 3pm on Saturday, the final day. Within the next 8 hours that followed, A MILLION DOLLARS would be added to the total!

How, you may ask? Well, immediately after breaking the previous record ($2.4M), the money folks added in all the revenue from Twitch subs and bits (small donations through twitch chat) to stack another 400K to the total!

That put them at almost $2.8M! In the next 80 minutes, the donations came flooding in, and they hit the $3M at the very end of the last run of the event, Chrono Trigger, run by Puwexil.

The full sequence is condensed below.

$3m is hit at the 3:30 mark

Congratulations to everyone involved. All of the volunteers, runners, tech crew (Powerup Audio was fantastic), and donators achieved something fantastic for Doctors Without Borders. You can see the event stats at GDQStats, including the donation timeline, VODs can be found here, and below are some standout runs from the event. AGDQ 2020 will be in Orlando, FL in January.

Resident Evil 2 (2019) by Bawkbasoup

Super Mario Bros 3 All Forts Race by Lawso42, TheHaxor, GrandPOOBear, and Mitchflowerpower

Remnants of Naezith by XecpiccatX


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