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Untold Stories: The Amparo Experience of the Real Havana Club

Amparo Experience

Amparo, is an immersive theatrical experience currently showing in downtown Miami. Set against the backdrop of pre-revolutionary Cuba, the story is about the origins of Havana Club rum, letting us peak behind the curtain and uncovering the harrowing tale of “one family’s fight for love, country, legacy, and the truth.”

The play is written by International Latino Book Award recipient, Vanessa Garcia, and directed by Victoria Collado (Latin History for Morons), featuring an all-Cuban cast. In an interview with Immigrant Archive, the creative duo, discuss the importance of shining a light on these untold stories and how working on the project inspired them with a renewed sense of community, because at the end of the day, they are #ForeverCuban.

Check out the Immigrant Archive video below, and if you’re planning on making a trip to Miami, don’t forget the show runs till May 31, 2019. Make sure to get your tickets to see this amazing production.


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  1. Arlet April 12, 2019

    I hope your play can make it to Chicago.


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