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Unfortunately, Taylor Swift’s “The Archer” Is Good

Taylor Swift

Taylor’s new track, “The Archer,” is her first release since Lover that is exciting and honest. After her “all-black-emo” phase, I assumed we lost Taylor Swift to the pop machine. But her new track proves she still has what made the world fall in love with her.

I’m the first one to call out Tay Tay. I think she is calculated and fake AF, so I was fully prepared to hate this song. Just like I hated “ME!” (aka, the spelling song) and the queerbaiting anthem, “You Need To Calm Down.” But I heard The Archer and I actually liked it. It’s the perfect combination of Lorde’s album Melodrama and any Carly Rae Jepsen song.

Give a listen here and sound off in the comment section below.


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