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This College Student Earns Money by Letting People Smell Her Armpits

Ever wonder how college students earn and spend money? Enlighten yourself with this tell-all video featuring an anonymous young lady living in New York City. Glamour asks the student in NYC with an approximate $40,000 salary to break down everything she spends money on in a month.

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She gives a detailed account of her money-making practices including selling her underwear and socks, working retail and being a cam girl. (She started selling her underwear when she became a cam girl, responding to different fetishes.)

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Details also include that she eats Uber Eats in the bathtub while watching Bob’s Burgers. That actually sounds really fun.

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All joking aside, it turns out Generation Z is giving us hope. Although creative with her methods, this student is quite the entrepreneur. She is working on her own lingerie company, is reading You Are a BadAss Everyday by Jen Sincero and even donates money to good causes. Check out the video to see how else she is making money moves. This is the future.


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