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The Ugly Truth: Examining the Aftermath of the Hot Dog Eating Contest

A guy cutting into a giant hot dog with a knife

I love hot dogs. I have loved them for as long as I can remember. My grandma and my mom would cut them up into small pieces when I was little. As I got older, I liked them cooked on the grill so that they had those perfect grill lines like in the commercials.

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A few years ago I watched the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on the Fourth of July for the very first time. It was spectacular. I was amazed by these champion eaters who train all year for their moment in the spotlight at Coney Island. How did reigning champion, Joey Chestnut, make room for 74 hot dogs in his stomach last year?

The bigger question is, what happens to him after he’s done? I think we all can imagine how his body may try to get rid of the hot dogs and it’s not pretty.

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A few years ago ESPN took a look at the effects of competitive eating on the body. Take a look!

If you think you’ve still got the stomach for it, tune into Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN2 tomorrow at 12pm ET to see who wins the Mustard Belt.

Have you or anyone you know ever participated in an eating competition? Let us know!

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