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The Best Pets According to Your Astrology Sign

Portrait of woman with dog

Aries – Pit Bull

Friendly, energetic, misunderstood: obviously, this is the one for you, Aries. They needs regular walks, loyal friends, and daily reminders that s/he’s a very good boy. Pit Bulls are very loyal, needs lots of training, but are full of energy– s/he’ll be able to match yours and keep you active, even when you feel down. There’s no negative days in this good dog’s life. Will run into a wall 10/10.

Taurus – Mastiff

Totally loyal, low maintenance, and noble: the Mastiff is the perfect pet for Taureans. Want to go outside? Sure, he’s game. Wanna stay inside all day and eat? Sure, he’s game. Running around for no reason? Never.

Gemini – Cockatoo

Ok, so this bird will follow you everywhere, look really good, and will totally be down for the party. Cuckatoo’s are the perfect Gemini companion. As long as you feed her regularly, clean her feathers, and give her proper downtime, she’ll keep the good vibes rolling and be the perfect accessory for awkward conversations that you’d rather sidetrack. OMG, those feathers, tho! Aaaaand conversation successfully avoided.

Cancer – Micro Pig

They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’ll eat with you when you’re feeling down and reaching for the ice cream: piglets are perfect for your soft cancer heart. Make sure to get the micro that never grows up, and enjoy the faithful company of the most adorable little creatures you’ll ever meet. The bonus is that they’re totally ready to be goofy & adventurous with you when you’re ready.

Leo – Chow Chow

Uh, excuse me, but where did you find that perfect, majestic dog?? That is what you will be asked, again and again, Leo, as you strut the streets with the Chow Chow in tow. Mane? Yes. Pride? Yes. Attitude? Double yes. It’s up to you whether your Chow Chow grows up friendly and loyal, or proud and aloof. Either away, he’ll always sport a majestic mane to match your style.

Virgo – Afghan Hound

Beautiful, elegant, & highly admired: Beyonce is a Virgo, right? You won’t go wrong with this gorgeous mane and high maintenance dog: you’re the only sign that can handle walking him, feeding him, and combing out his hair– daily. But, there are benefits to keeping a watchful and thoughtful eye over your #1, namely, the endless admiration of others.

Libra – Maine Coon

Friendly, sociable, talkative, and chill: you’ve got to get a Maine Coon! These guys grow up to be quite confident in their attention seeking behaviors, and love getting pet, contrary to most cats. And obviously, you need a sociable pet. Maine Coons are low maintenance, high cuddles, and very elegant around the home. It’s a-duh!

Scorpio – Snake

This one was too easy. Fierce, sexy, and unafraid: the snake is the perfect pet for you, scorpio. You only need to feed your snake every two weeks, they come in a variety of colors for every scorpio need, and live quietly in a windowed cage for optimal display. Adorn your room with this sexy companion, and shed some layers together as you explore the darker recesses of your room.

Sagittarius – Australian Shepherd

Friendly, adventurous, curious, and up for anything: you already own an Australian Shepherd, right? The beautiful eyes and intense curiosity of the Australian Shepherd are the perfect companion for the Sagittarian charm and love of the outdoors. Will go anywhere as long as it’s fun, 10/10.

Capricorn – King Charles Spaniel

Noble looking, weirdly cute, and secretly develops separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long? This one’s for you Capricorn. I know you’re tough, ambitious, and totally on track for the next big career move, but secretly, you really love to be needed. This guy will always miss you when you’re not around, is totally quiet and not prone to barking about it, and those eyes– goat like, no?

Aquarius – Hedgehog

These guys are the newest, trendiest, most Instagrammable pets out there, and seriously, there aren’t too many people that can deal with their insanely cute but completely weird attachment issues. They will totally curl up into a spiky ball in your lap when nervous, don’t really like to be touched by anybody but their owner, and will only uncurl when they hear their owner’s voice or smell your scent. Perfect.

Pisces – Seahorse

I mean, you knew you were getting an aquatic animal, right? But you’re a special water sign, pisces: softer, ephemeral, almost not quite real. You definitely need to get some seahorses. Nowadays there are domesticated versions available that eat frozen shrimp that are available at the local pet store. There’s plenty of online resources and seahorse communities, and they still don’t require that much care. Plus, you can definitely stare at this mythical creature for hours while contemplating life…why did that person say that thing though?”

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume is a first generation trans latinx babe living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master's degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that's been active for 7 years, Sagas combines keen research and scientific inquiry with astrological intuition and resonance. For daily astrology posts, personal readings, or birth chart reports, visit astrosagas.com

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