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“Succession” Succeeds


Set against the backdrop of New York City in a Murdoch-inspired media landscape, HBO’s Succession takes us into the world the Roys, a dysfunctional billionaire family. The dark comedy delicately ebbs and flows between the hilarious audacity of the 1%, and the tragic devastation left in the wake of their pursuit of power. It’s a highwire act that articulates the monstrous ways in which wealth exacerbates the unfulfilling need to win familial love.

The show is filled with outstanding performances from the ensemble cast, led by the stellar Brian Cox, who portrays the family patriarch, Logan Roy. The crabs-in-a-barrel tenacity of each of his heirs is where the show derives its dramatic tension to the point of perfection. The universe of the Roys is markedly white and powerful, with a few characters of color orbiting the family, but clearly at their mercy. How they collide and their outcome creates one of the most nuanced aspects in the series.

With so much content available online, don’t miss out on juicy water cooler talk for the office from this Emmy-nominated series. The Trump-like media manipulation machine seems to be roaring full steam ahead in HBO’s latest.

Succession‘s complete first and ongoing second 10-episode seasons are available on all HBO platforms.


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