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Street Food in LA: VCHOS Food Truck

Little truck. Massive flavor.

If you’ve been to Los Angeles and stuck around long enough during your trip, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of the one and only VCHOS Truck: Pupuseria Moderna. The street-food sensation has been out on the west coast for the last 7 years representing cuisine from El Salvador with pomp and style.

Photo Credit: VCHOS Truck

The idea for the first ever “Salvi-gourmet food truck” is the brainchild of Wendy Centeno aka Chef Wendy. After mastering the cuisine of her native El Salvador, she earned her stripes in the kitchens of Las Vegas. From there, she spotted an opportunity to introduce her unique blend of both traditional and new dishes to the underserved Salvadoran community of LA, seizing upon the vacuum in the culinary space.

The simple menu and sleek presentation of the hybrid restaurant caught on, with young people or bichos (the grammatically correct spelling VCHOS is playfully riffing off of), flocking to find Wendy hawking chicken pasteles, plátano empanadas, and her now famous take on street tacos, all over LA.

Photo Credit: VCHOS Truck

Hungry yet?

Wendy explores a broad range of Salvi-recipes, bringing even lesser known plates to the masses, but the signature of her specially crafted menu, are the Indigenous-in-origin pupusas. Nearly all Salvadoreños are well-versed in the different varieties, and if you ask most of us, we are quick to tell you that not all pupusas are created equal. But all are never eaten with a fork.

Photo Credit: VCHOS Truck

With the renowned success of VCHOS Truck in greater LA, it is clear that Chef Wendy has found a winning formula. Have you ever tried a pupusa before? Haven’t yet, but are curious? Don’t worry. We gotchu.

Watch the video below, and see how our Salvi-fav, Curly, from Pero Like, introduces his fellow Latinos to one of the greatest sources of culinary pride in Salvadoran culture, compliments of Chef Wendy. And if you’re out in LA, you can keep track of the VCHOS Truck locations here.

Buen provecho!


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  1. Brandon July 13, 2019

    Where is this food truck located I need to know lol it looks bomb af


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