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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


Last week, the teaser trailer for the final chapter in the greatest film saga of all time disrupted the airwaves. From a shoe string budget in 1977, to a valuation now in the billions, the Star Wars franchise has made history at every turn since its initial release.

While we can assume there will be many more spin-offs and alternate narratives that will make it to the big screen, the 2019 holiday season will certainly be dominated by talk of the concluding episode in the main Star Wars canon. Not gonna lie, we got goosebumps watching the trailer. Make sure you take a sneak peak so you can keep up with fan theories and argue with your friends over the true meaning of Mark Hamill’s tweet.

“The Rise of Skywalker” holds a lot of promise for die hards and the new generation of fans alike. We can’t wait!


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