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Spotify’s RapCaviar Celebrates Cardi B & Other Icons at Brooklyn Museum

Cardi B at Brooklyn Museum

Last weekend, the Brooklyn Museum hosted a one-of-a-kind display featuring life-size sculptures of Cardi B, Jaden Smith, Juice WRLD, and Gunna.

Photo Credit @NuevaYorka

The installation was sponsored by Spotify’s RapCaviar, and was designed to celebrate some of the most influential voices in hip-hop.

The forward thinking concept manifested as sleek silver statuettes with beautiful imagery designed to encompass each artist’s persona. There were also video screens that featured amazing behind the scene footage.

@therealLatinx braved the First Saturday crowds to catch a glimpse of these powerful representations of modern culture and take part of the shenanigans.

Photo Credit @NuevaYorka

The museum made it a point to highlight its push for diversity programming by drawing attention to its, marquee, Frida Kahlo exhibit.

Photo Credit @NuevaYorka

It also staged a live salsa band on the main floor, and mixed it up with a dance party and DJ set on the upper level giving bootyshaking patrons all the Selena cumbia they could handle.

Photo Credit @NuevaYorka

There was even a Latinx drag show, featuring @jenn_drole and of course, drinks to round out the fiesta feels.

Photo Credit @NuevaYorka

As the masses caught wind of the RapCaviar display, they hustled over the the 2nd floor, where a near procession took place.

We entered a dimly lit corridor, purposefully structured to evoke the mystique we place behind our icons, and found ourselves juxtaposed in a powerful statement:

Photo Credit @NuevaYorka

Afro-Latinx and Black artists, and the communities of color who support them belong together in spaces that have traditionally excluded them.

Photo Credit @NuevaYorka

It was certainly, a sight to behold.


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