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SNL: The Nephew Pageant Skit Describing the New “Tía”

SNL Skit Nephew Pageant screenshot

Every holiday we brace ourselves knowing we will most likely be seeing our beloved tía at family gatherings. No matter what, we know there’s that one aunt who will be somewhat inappropriate and very nosy. But there’s another aunt that people rarely talk about.

She’s the one that spoiled you rotten since you were a kid. She would brag about every little thing you’d do to all her friends. She would applaud your every move and cheer you on through the simplest of things. She sounds nice, right?

Fast forward 20+ years later and somehow you have become that tía (#WhyGodWhy?!). As we get older, it seems we’re becoming our parents AND our aunts. This weekend, SNL described it perfectly. As I watched their “Nephew Pageant” skit, I realized I was the aunt that thinks her nephew is the greatest kid in the world. In my case, “the kid” is in his 20s…#SorryNotSorry. Which tía are you becoming more like?

Check out the skit and decide for yourself!


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